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List of Special Eid Ul Azha Recipes

There are numerous Eid ul Azha recipes we can find exciting to cook. These cooking recipes, mostly barbequed, roasted, or spicy curries, rekindle our love for meat. Here is a list of the in-demand Eid ul Azha recipes for 2017 you must consider.

Top Eid ul Azha Recipes

These are the top Eid special cuisines you must take into account trying this year. The cooking methods can range from simple to the more complicated ones. Bakra Eid recipes make this big day a lot more special.

Let us check out our top Eid al Adha 2017 recipes.  

List of Special Eid Ul Azha Recipes

Mutton Handi Masala

Mutton Handi masala falls into the more traditional Eid ul Azha recipes. The masala makes the curry pleasant to taste. The cooking of Mutton Handi Masala mostly uses the ingredients available in an average Pakistani kitchen. There are many online recipes that you can use to make delicious Mutton Handi Masala. Make sure not to use a metal pot instead go for a clay pot. The clay pot helps you preserve the tastes that you cannot do so in a metal container, like a cooker pressure.

Mutton Nihari

Nihari is not on this list just because it makes it for the most mouth-watering Eid ul Azha recipes. It is also Pakistan’s national dish, a pleasant surprise. So, cook the Mutton Nihari while you feel patriotic about it. You could have cooked it on the Independence Day of Pakistan to feel the real closeness with the motherland. Make sure to carefully follow the recipe as it is not easy to cook Nihari. The slow and long process of cooking means patience and following up all the steps in the right order.

Gola Kabab

Gola Kabab, as the name suggests is round in shape and tastes delicious. Earlier, Pakistani women would only cook them for weddings. But now, Gola Kabab has also become a hot favorite for Eid Ul Azha recipes. You can serve them with Parathas or with hot Naans. The round shape gives plenty of room for improving the presentation. You can also present it with beautifully cut tomatoes in a floral arrangement.

Mutton Chanp Curry

Mutton Chanp Curry is the rib section of the goat that makes up for very delicious delicacies. It remains as one of the most favorite Eid ul Azha recipes. You can cook it in a frying pan by following a simple cooking recipe. The use of additional ingredients like coconut powder can make it more delicious. There are different methods of cooking Mutton Chanp Curry available online. Make sure that you choose a method that is easy for you while keeping the availability of all ingredients in mind.

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