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Spice Girls Are Back- But They Wouldn’t be Same Now

Spice Girls- the famous all-girls musical band of the late nineties is back again. All the band members including Geri Hornor, Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, reunited at the Geri Helliwell’s home in Hertfordshire.

Spice Girls’ Reunion

The Instagram pictures of the band reunion posted by Victoria Beckham and Geri Helliwell received a much positive response from the viewers. Such acceptance fans still want to watch Spice Girls performing together.

Spice Girls was a short-lived all girls band that emerged in 1996 and got split in 2000. Last time, it reunited for the closing ceremony of London Olympics.

In the present time when MeToo has made Golden Globes ceremony and Grammys Awards ceremony to resonate with voice for women empowerment, a reunion of Spice Girls would be a positive sign.

Spice Girls Wouldn’t be Same Now

Reports suggest that Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller is driving the reunion of the musical band which wouldn’t produce new albums or records. The comeback of this all-girls British is a unique talent show, a TV show in China, a compilation of hit songs and many other endorsement deals. Each member of the band will also get £10 million. According to reports, the Victoria Beckham has agreed to a reunion on condition that she wouldn’t sing.

In 2017, Victoria responded to the rumors of 2018 reunion by saying that it was not happening. But, now the singer is happy with joining back the team. Victoria who is now famous fashion designer also shared the picture of the reunion on her Instagram account.

According to reports another expected reunion of the Spice Girls in 2016 made the news. But, it couldn’t happen after Victoria Beckham, and Melanie Chisholm didn’t approve for their participation.

Splitting of Spice Girls

Spice Girls was not only a musical band but also an icon of women empowerment. The group dominated the music scene for two years from 1996 to 1998, before splitting up in the year 2000. All the band members who were also famous as the nicknames of Posh, Baby, Ginger, Sporty, and Scary also tried to make a career as a solo performer. But, they didn’t robustly maintain their identification with music as it was during the time of Spice Girls.

After splitting, Victoria Beckham became a fashion designer, Emma Bunton started a career as a radio presenter, Geri Horner began writing books, and Melanie Brown judged different talent hunt shows.

But, the reunion doesn’t mean that Spice Girls would be same now because not all the members would be singing this time. Further, there are no reports of any album from the band.

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