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Spying for China Gets Ex-CIA Officer 20 Years of Imprisonment

Ex CIA Officer Kevin Mallory was found guilty of spying for China by a jury in June. The former spy provided China with some of the most secret information that could prove harmful for the US if it fell into the wrong hands.

CIA Officer Facing Imprisonment

Kevin Patrick Mallory, of Leesburg, Virginia, was found guilty of treason by choice by a federal jury in June of 2018. The former CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) worker would download the documents onto a digital memory card at a post office and wait for Chinese representative at the meeting points to exchange covert information in return for money.

The CIA,  conducted extensive surveillance of him before arresting him. The US attorney Zachary Terwilliger while commenting on this said Mallory not only put the country at risk but also undermined the lives of dedicated service members who take every risk to protect their country.

Past Incidents of US Spies Betraying Their Country

This isn’t the first time Americans spies have turned on their countries. Mallory is just the recent case to emerge involving a senior intelligence officer gone rogue. Jerry Chun Shing Lee, an ex CIA officer was also pleaded guilty. According to prosecutors, the neutralized US citizen willingly took part in providing China information regarding covert US assets.

Then in last June former operative, Ron Rockwell Hansen was also charged with treason as he too was caught spying for China. He attempted to receive at least $800,000 for his espionage activities but was caught in the process. China, over the past few years, has been trying to grow its international influence by hook or by crook, which of the US is alarming.

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