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What is the Squid Game Season 2 Official Release Date?

Squid game season 2 is among the highly anticipated shows on Netflix. The first part scored a massive fan base and became a huge success. People across the world loved it as the show was also available in multiple languages according to the region. The fans have been wondering about the second part’s arrival. The show’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed that the second installment of the Squid game will definitely come. So, the fans are anticipating about the release date and a teaser that will give them insights about the show.

Squid Game Season 2 Release Date

As per the speculations about the Squid game season 2, the show will be released in either 2023 or 2024. However, the creator of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed that S02 is in process and he is yet to write it. Hwang also said that he hopes to complete and release Squid Games by the end of 2024 for fans to watch.

What to Know About the Second Season?

Hwang Dong talked about the upcoming show and disclosed its name “Killing Old People Club” He didn’t fully describe the context but told people the imminent show will be more violent than Squid Game’s first season. The title of the series suggests that there will be once again a bunch of people ready to be slaughtered in the name of money by the gambling mafia. The scriptwriter laughed while talking about S02. He said that season two might be the last installment because creating a story like that was time taking and required a lot of effort.

Reportedly, the cast of the Squid game season 2 will include the main character of the first season Seong Gi-hun played by Lee Jung-Jae since he was the only person left alive. On the other hand, Park Hae Soo, Oh Yeong-Su, HoYeon Jung, and Anupam Tripathi, probably won’t return as they all died in the last part. Thus, fans will see many new faces in the show.

Origin of The Show

Squid Game season 1 was a record-breaker show on Netflix that was watched by 142 million subscribers in October last year. And two-third of the users demanded Squid Game season 2. The show was a blast across the globe and people started to get costumes and masks to express their enthusiasm for it. Also, the first season of Squid Game made people keen on learning Korean Language and fans were going crazy over it. Interestingly, the origin of the show is a bit astonishing. Hwang didn’t write the story to make a whole season out of it. In fact, it was written for a feature film in 2009 but the tables got turned when Netflix arrived in South Korea in 2016. The presence of the globally known streaming platform changed the creator’s mind.

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