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SRK Fans Ask Why There’s No Bio on His Twitter and He Answers

King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan surprised his fans on social media by inviting them to ask any question they want under the timeframe of 15 minutes. It was during his annual Q&A session by the name of #AskSRK on Twitter. Millions of SRK fans bombarded the film star with hilarious questions, for which Khan had some witty responses.

Here are 8 answers from Khan that were among the highlights of the session.

SRK Fans Ask About Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

Given the love for cricket in the subcontinent, most Twitter users wondered if Khan’s Indian Premier League (IPL) team, KKR would end up victorious this year. The team representing the city of Kolkata has not won the IPL champion since 2014. This season, their first match is up against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) on 11th April. Khan showed confidence in winning the cup and replacing it with his coffee mug.

Impatient Fans Waiting for the next SRK Movie

A large number of SRK fans have asked him about when he would appear in the next film. One of them mentioned the exact time it has been since SRK’s last film, Zero. Khan agreed that it was surely a long time to keep his fans waiting. He did not mention the name of the film he was working on but his movie Pathan is also in the pipeline according to reports.

Apart from Zero, Shah Rukh Khan also played a voice-over role for Mufasa in Disney’s The Lion King in Hindi (2019). Despite the wide-ranging popularity, some groups criticized SRK’s voice acting including Pakistani actor Shaan.

Why SRK Has Not Written Twitter Bio?

Many SRK fans have wondered why King Khan was roaming on Twitter with an empty bio description. Social media users normally mention various terms like artist, doctor, hacker, or activist in the bio to inform the community about their profession or purpose. SRK has apparently stayed quiet on that front. Upon questioning, he jokingly said that so much has happened in his life that it was difficult for him to compile it within 160 characters.

Favorite Amir Khan Movies

King Khan even replied to a question that asked about what films of Amir Khan are his favorites. SRK mentioned 5 films; Raakh, Qiyamat se Qiyamat tak, Dangal, Lagaan, and 3 Idiots.

Amir Khan’s upcoming film Laal Singh Chadda is a remake of superhit Hollywood classic, Forest Gump. It is one of the most awaited movies this year.

A Bitter Gourd for Enemies

Those SRK fans who did not immediately receive any response sarcastically complained about it. Luckily, the Bollywood actor noted their funny complaints and carried on the conversation with equal humor. One fan said that Khan was not replying to him so he must have eaten Karela (bitter gourd) in the morning.

Suspending Disbelief for a Moment

SRK Fans who did not receive any reply after countless attempts eventually went to the edge of embarrassment. Bollywood fans might be too familiar with the feeling when their friends and family doubt their luck in ever meeting or chatting with their beloved stars. One claimed that their mother laughed at the idea of her child receiving any reply from Shah Rukh Khan. However, the star answered with an encouraging message for the asker to keep their mother always laughing.

Motivational Conversation

Besides being cheeky with his fans, he also gave kind messages to those who were going through various struggles. One fan shared his anxiety about choosing a career at a certain point in age. It led Khan to share personal examples as an inspiration for the asker.

Life is Normal for Everyone

Given the international popularity of Shah Rukh Khan, it is widely discussed that he either has been living a highly glamourous life or a hectic one filled with paparazzi intervention. Fans asked him if he ever wished for a normal life instead. SRK insisted that everyone has a normal life but each normal is different from the other.

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