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Starzplay Series Khel Tamasha Trailer Reveals Release Date and Plot

All new and upcoming Starzplay Series, Khel Tamasha is a comedy mini-series directed by an actor and director, Jawad Bashir. As per reports, the web series will be released on Eid 2021. The trailer of the show reveals the comedy timing, certain scenes, and plot of the season. Some social media users state that the show might be a good comedy-drama in Pakistan like many others.

Pakistani film and drama industry is growing rapidly now considering the well-appreciated recent films and dramas. The addition of more comedy ones will only increase the value of the industry, actors, and creators, according to reports.

Starzplay Series, Khel Tamasha’s Story

Khel Tamasha, the entire Starzplay series revolves around the three main characters, an actor, director, and writer who are trying to make a film. The funny thing is that they go through certain hurdles in order to complete their project. The process of their struggle is the comedy hub since the glitches they face are hilarious. 

The story begins with the struggling writer, Saleem who wishes to become a great scriptwriter but fails to achieve the desired success. Though, things change as he feels hopeful after meeting Raamis, an actor, and Aleena, a director. The amusement and comedy begin the very moment they decide to start their own project. 

The Director, Jawad Bashir’s Comments on The Show

The director of the show commented on the show’s launch. He explained the concept behind the drama and its theme. He stated that the new Starzplay series is based on the harshness of life. The problems that people face in daily life in order to accomplish the goals.

He also expressed gratitude towards the streaming platform for letting the artists explore their talent and help produce good shows for the audience. He mentioned that working with new talents has always given him pleasure and he will keep on working like this to satisfy the team as well as the audience. 

Some social media users opined that comedy shows like this are the reasons why people are into good Pakistani dramas.

Khel Tamasha Inspires Starzplay To Launch More Projects

The chairman Cinepax group stated that Starzplay is a platform that has always been supportive of Pakistani talent. It has appreciated the local talented artists and their work. Also, the chairman mentioned that after creating Khel Tamasha, a comedy Starzplay series, the encouragement is huge. Therefore, the platform with the collaboration of Cinepax will present the public with multiple more projects that will be quite entertaining.     

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