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“Oonchi Dukan Pheka Pakwaan” A.K.A Statue Of Unity In India

There is a phenomenal idiom in Urdu, used for those who act like the Indian government Oonchi Dukan Pheka Pakwaan. Yes, most of you might not be familiar with the actual meaning of this phrase, well this phrase is used to indicate a situation where there is nothing to show off but the building is state of art! When the quality is as poor as the Indian public is right now yet the huge investment is still done on the as useless matter as “Statue Of Unity.”

Indian Government is Proud To Present “Statue Of Unity”

Doesn’t matter if the people are dying or the economy is falling yet the Statue of Unity according to the PM Narindar Modhi was one of the most needed things in this hour for India.

One thing that is not understandable is that what was the need of spending approximately ₹2,989 crore on a statue which was not even of Gandhi(the creator of Hindustan)?

Biggest Statue In World

Even though this is not wrong that this statue is right now worlds biggest statue and it’s even bigger than Statue of Liberty, like twice in length but what’s the point of building 182 meters long statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel when the public this man thought for is dying because of malnutrition?



Even the Nation Understands

Even Indian nation understood this fact that the Statue of Unity was not required, in fact, this money should have been spent on the betterment of the poor and those who don’t even know why this statue is been placed in India.




Tourism Growth May Be!

Well, regardless of discussing how much excessive amount has been spent on this statue, whereas the poverty rate of India is increasing day by day, this statue can prove to be a good omen in improving the tourism in India. But the question remains the same, though India criticizes Pakistan for lacking behind, this statue could be the sign of big and huge disruption and violence instead of Unity. When a nation has to stay united no such statues are required for it. Leaving this as a part of their own personal choice, Happy Diwali to all Hindu family out there! You guys can now visit a new place in your country and enjoy the view with family.

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