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Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis Goes Viral Online

The Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis goes viral as soon as it is uploaded online. There is a renewed interest in the paper that he wrote many years ago. The Stephen Hawking Ph.D. Thesis was uploaded to the open-access repository of the Cambridge University. It only took a day for the traffic to crash the website.

Details of the Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis

The Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis had several PDF files uploaded online. The high-resolution copies had an original size of 72 MBs. However, the Cambridge University offered a reduced version of the Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis documents. The file size is said to be less than half of the total size of the original file. However, the servers were not able to cope with the overwhelming traffic.

Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis Views

An estimated 60,000 people have viewed the documents relating to the Stephen Hawking PhD Thesis. However, the university staff says that it is an overwhelming number of viewers for a research document. On average, other documents, as per the university staff, are only viewed 100 times each month. However, the load issues of the server had been resolved by Tuesday since the university did understand the limitations of its server.

Stephen Hawking Agrees to Share the Thesis

The physicist has agreed to share his research with other inspiring researchers by making it freely available for download. Therefore, the university officials want to make such high-quality research documents available to researchers through its Open Access 2017.

What Prompted Stephen Hawking to Share his Research?

Stephen Hawking shared his research as he wants to inspire other people. He wants the people to look at the stars and not down on their feet. Furthermore, he also wants people to know their place in the Universe. Also, he would like people to try and understand the cosmos.

He wishes that everyone in the world should know about his research and even academic work done by others. He believes this way; the scholarly community would be able better serve the community of researchers.

Stephen Hawking Ph.D. Thesis Goes Viral Online

Stephen Hawking Ph.D. Thesis was not previously available to anyone to see. Therefore, if someone wanted to see his paper, they would have to pay 65 pounds’ fee for it.

The paper was first presented back in October 1965 when he was just 23 years old. Furthermore, the dissertation looks at the universe in relativity and the black holes. It also looks at the implications of the expansion of the universe. It concludes that small perturbations cannot help form galaxies.

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