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From IT to Pet Sematary, Epic Remakes Of Stephan King’s Adaptions

Taking about the upcoming movies, we can not forget to include another blockbuster horror story “Pet Sematary” which is adaption the contemporary writer Stephan king’s novel with the same name.


From IT to Pet Sematary, Epic Remakes

Most of us have been crazy fans of epic horror stories which Stephan King writes for us. It was said that IT is going to be the most horrifying movie in 2017, and yes I must say that it was! But now in 2019, there are three more incredible projects waiting which are scheduled as Stephan King’s upcoming projects. The Netflix series In the Tall Grass and remake of Pet Sematary and sequel of IT is all set to arrive in 2019

Excitement Over Social Media

We all know that Pet Sematary is more than a horror fiction, it is the creepiest and mysterious movie one could ever watch. People are droOling over social media showing their sacred love for the trailer and movie from the time when the trailer was not even released.

John Lithgow tweeted,

Even the critics seem happy!


Crunch The Cat

Now as we can see that the character of crunch is so strong that all the posters contain this cat’s image. Everyone is very concerned about this cat and in the tweets, she is getting highlighted as well!

Before this movie was made in 1989 but not the remake of this movie is going to be more horrifying with the special effects which are a part of our cinematography. This movie is going to releases under the tag of Paramount Productions in summers of 2019. Now fans seem quite happy with the trailer but the question is will this movie fulfill the demand for more creepiness and horrific elements than the previous one? Whereas, the sequel of IT is also on its way where the old cast is confirmed for the new movie as well!

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