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You Shouldn’t Use Uber For 24 Hours If You Live In London!

Everyone knows about the popular Uber phenomenon in transportation. A huge number of people travel around the city with this app and there are those making a living by choosing to drive with Uber. But, why are these drivers are on a strike in front of organization’s offices in London, Birmingham and Nottingham and these drivers are declaring the app as the picket line under IWUB union, UK.

Stance Of Uber Drivers In This Stike

The primary issue that this strike raises is that Uber drivers are not earning as much. Their earning ration is very less, and the commission which has been given to the Uber app itself is 10%. Whereas, the rate of payment is £1.25p/m though this should be £2 per mile. This whole scenario is defined by the union as ‘de facto dismissals’ because they are demanding an end to this unfair disqualification.

Stephen Hull, a Birmingham-based driver, mentioned his stance over this strike as;

  “There is mass discontent among drivers because the oversupply of vehicles and the way that drivers earn their money is making it almost impossible to make enough to live.”

Hull said that he has been driving Uber for almost one and a half year and he thinks that the overall experience was excellent thanks to the target achieving gifts and bonuses. But he can’t rely on Uber for mainstream earning as the payment given to the drivers is so less that “it is not at all enough to live.”

Whereas, James Farrar, the chair of the UPHD, said that “there is a request for the users to support the drivers and do not use the app as it is the picket line as these drivers deserve much more for their services over the years.”

Limb (b) Workers

The Union has also requested Uber organization to appeal for the different working status for its drivers. According to the drivers, they must have the state of Limb (b) workers under the law of UK. There must improve the policies by Uber according to the rights of workers for its drivers “which include the payment of at least the minimum wage and paid holidays.”

Support By Other People

Even some well-known politicians supported the drivers’ concerns, Jhon McDonnell showed his empathic gesture for the union through his tweet.

Uber Organization’s Comment

Whereas, Uber has stated a completely different stance regarding the appeal by saying that the organization understands the position of drivers and there have been many things which are provided to them without the protest. Uber will still fight against the 2016 ruling.

That’s why over the last few months we’ve introduced dozens of new features, including sickness, injury, maternity and paternity protections. An academic study last month found that drivers in London make an average of £11 an hour, after accounting for all of their costs and Uber’s service fee.

“We continue to look at ways to help drivers increase their earnings and our door is always open if anyone wants to speak to us about any issues they’re having.”

On October 3, 2018, Ubereats, McDonald’s, Wetherspoons and TGI also went on a strike for increasing the base services according to the rights of the workers. It seems like the wave of Uber is also coming to its end because now the drivers won’t feel satisfaction whereas when the amendments are done, users will feel the increase in fare. Let’s see how this company deals with this huge ambiguity!
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