Friday, December 8, 2023
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Strange Questions People Search For On Google

Google has become an essential part of our lives. We all use its services in one way or another to seek answers to strange questions associated with our daily lives. Some questions we search for on Google might be associated with our daily lives but they are often weird enough to leave the listeners shocked.

Strange questions people ask Google

There is no doubt that Google can virtually answer all our strange questions in a fitting manner.  This at the end of the day makes us forget that it is just a tech tool and can’t delve deeper into our psyche. But, very often we still trust in this search engine or maybe it is just one of those strangest ways people entertain themselves.

We all agree that at times some of the most absorbing games or questions can be the most entertaining one but to expect a machine to give you an emotional and logical response is an utter nonsense.

Social Animals Have Needs

 Humans are social animals who want to be surrounded by the likeminded folks with whom they can have a good time. And, here Google can be beneficial as it keeps a track of people whose company we enjoy and helps us get back to them.

But, why it would tell you Jenny’s phone number.

With the passage of time, Google has diversified itself so much. It’s become a great source to learn the new and exciting thing that can prove useful to us in our daily lives.

But is this search engine is also a way to abate your frustration.

Leave It To Professionals

Google might be able to provide an answer to all our problems at time, but some things should just be left up to professional

If the world number one search engine had the ability to process emotions certain question like this would get on to its nerves and snatch its peace of mind.

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