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Strange Things to Watch in India vs. Pakistan Match

India vs Pakistan match is the David vs Goliath match of cricket. With one of the largest turnout, these matches are a delight to watch. Both the countries offer each other a stiff competition in everything they participate in, but on the flip side, there are some very unique moments you can only witness in this match.

Strange Things You Can Only See In An India vs Pakistan Match

Family Union

The partition between India and Pakistan was a bloody one, and in hast to save their lives and migrate to the new established safe zone, many families got separated. While others lost their lives while trying to get to safety .the partition divided the Indian subcontinent into two parts one was the dominant Muslim zone, and the other was a dominant Hindu zone.

Later on, these zones took the form of countries. The Muslim dominated zone became Pakistan, and the Hindu dominated zone became known as India. For many families, an India vs. Pakistan match provides these families a chance to reunite and get back in touch with each other.

High Tempers And Aggressions

Whenever a match between these two countries happens, special security arrangements are made to avoid any pleasantries. They know the tempers will get high, and the level of aggression will be through the roof.

It’s not an undocumented fact to see fights break out between Indian and Pakistani fans as a result of the match or have a heated exchange between each other.

Betting Rates Are Through The Roof

According to the ICC and bookies the number of people betting almost doubles or triples whenever these two rival countries play against each majority of the cases India is the favored winning team but at times this situation flips. 

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