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People Have Strange Ways Of Entertaining Themselves –Check It

People have strange ways of entertaining themselves when they are bored. Some sing, some dance while others perform outrageous acts of insanity in the name of entertainment and sheer themselves up when they are bored.

And we have seen how the weird trends like Kiki Challenge go Viral overnight.

Here Are Some Bizarre Entertaining Things People Do When They Are Bored

 We all know how big of a pain in the ass, a creditor can be at times, so some people just to level the playing field give their creditors a run for their money.

Remember when I mentioned bizarre ways people keep themselves entertained when they are bored well this is one of them.

Weird Thing People Do

while standing in a long line weighing to use the public bathroom some people come up with some of the most strangest ways to keep themselves entrained believe it or not some people time you weirdo!

Others being the time efficient, want to utilize time to the max by learning a certain skill that will help them progress in life

Many just to keep themselves entertained fight little kids, why you ask they do it just because they can

Creative Thing People Do

For some practice perfecting there, tradecraft skills are entertaining


Some people like to teach others about important issues that shape our lives for the better 


We all know puberty is a real thorn in the foot at a time .it make us do things we regret and don’t want other people to find out. Even the thought of someone finding out about our dark secrets sends shivers down our spine

Others had this to say


Some people when they’re bored combine multiple disciplines and end up making something new.

I don’t know what obituaries are, but man some people are obsessed with them.


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