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5 Exciting Details from Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

After 3 long years, Netflix just blew up a lot of minds by finally releasing Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer. Even those who shifted away from the show due to the less-creepy nature of seasons 2 and 3 are willing to come back after watching this spectacle. It seems like the show is done being friendly with its audience because this trailer is certainly disorienting.

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer

Fans have been waiting for Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer since 2019, or before the pandemic, to be exact. Netflix hasn’t released a single episode ever since. However, as COVID restrictions ease up across the world, many means of entertainment are getting back to normal. One of them is this trailer that will make the viewer more eager to wait for the show.

After watching the trailer, many would know that it would be an exciting ride. It can be seen that the cast is fairly spread out in terms of locations. Most of the main cast is in Hawkins, and the Byer family is in California, while Jim Hopper is alive and well in Russia. The heroes are seemingly faced with yet another war, and their only hope, Eleven, is out of juice. This season’s episodes will be over an hour, which is almost double its previous airtime. However, that’s not all; here is everything exciting coming this season, as hinted in the trailer.

Back to the Upside Down

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer will introduce the alternate dimension like never before. It can be seen from the trailer that the main characters are riding around in the Upside Down, foreshadowing how they will be spending more time in the creepy world. One may wonder how they wound up in the Upside Down in the first place. It could be that scary clock in the Creel house shown at the beginning of the trailer. The house will play a key role in the 4th season, so probably it has some portal to the Upside Down.

Super Max

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer is all about Max. The young girl is shown in her full glory, meaning that finally, her character is going to get well-deserved focus. She appears to be grieving the death of her brother, Billy, who sacrificed himself to save Eleven and the others. Then in an interesting turn of events, the next thing viewers see is Max levitating in the air. It gives viewers a lot to ponder over. She could be another of those unfortunate children on whom the US government experimented. Or, she could have some connection with The Mind Flayer, as her brother did.

Robert Englund AKA Freddy Krueger

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer treats horror fans by casting Robert Englund, who is famous for playing Freddy Krueger. In this show, he also brings a terrifying appearance and probably another dark, villainous role that he could not work on in a long time. Bringing Englund is another way for Stranger Things to pay tribute to the 80s. Some reports say that Englund will play the role of Victor Creel, a disturbed member of the Creel House imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a ghastly murder in the 50s.

Rockstar of the Upside Down

Many contemplated the identity of a certain guitarist playing in Upside Down. It’s weird because the alternate dimension is not really an ideal place for rock concerts. Judging by the hairstyle, some viewers have guessed that it might be Eddie Munson, the president of Hellfire Club, a D&D club from Hawkins High School. According to some theories, he might have accompanied the main cast into the Upside Down and probably found solace in playing the guitar after witnessing the situation over there.

A New Baddie

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer revealed a new antagonist that looked nothing like other creatures from previous seasons. It does look as ugly as them and has a snarling voice. Another interesting fact about it is that it has eyes and mouth like humans, which sets him apart from other monsters. There are several theories regarding this new monster like it could be one of the strange inhabitants of Upside Down, or it could also be a twisted version of an old character that died in previous seasons. The name of this monster is reportedly Vecna, and it is expected to be more dangerous than the Demogorgon or The Mind Flayer. Perhaps, that’s why Season 4 consists of 2 parts, as the heroes will have a lot on their plates this time.

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