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Strava Mobile App Inspires Millions of Cyclists

Strava mobile app uses GPS to record the biker’s ride. Thus, once analyzing the trip, it will suggest the bikers an exact route. It will help the cyclists know their track via an electronic map. Strava mobile app also tells the biker about their speed and distance they travel.

The riders can also compare their times with others for particular sections. For example, they can know the time it took up a famous climb. It also lets the users compare their past performance and let them know of improvements.

Strava Mobile App Creates a Sense of Competition

The riders believe that it creates an environment of competition. Thus, people often try to beat each other in lap times and become more competitive at cycling. The Strava mobile app also gives titles like “King” or “Queen” of the road based on a rider’s outstanding performance.

An App Finding Growing at a Fast Pace

The Strava mobile app is increasing at a rapid pace. The mobile application has millions of users all over the world. Many find it addictive for its usability. The Strava mobile app does have competition from other apps like Endomondo and Map My Ride.

Features of the Strava Mobile App

Let us look at some of the useful features that Strava mobile app offers.

Share Location in Real Time

The Strava mobile app users can share their location in real time. Thus, they can connect to each other and compete in real time. It is a particularly useful feature to deal with any emergency situation.

Strava Mobile App Inspires Millions of CyclistsUsers Can Organize Activities

Cycling is a more fun activity when done in groups. Therefore, this mobile application lets its users organize group activities. The users can see the feed of other cyclists. They can leave comments and give thumbs up to great performances.

It Acts as A Social Network for Cyclists

The cycling activity like any other physical exercise needs continuous motivation. The application inspires the users to motivate each other and take action. They can set their goals and share their accomplishments.

Segments Make Everyone Compete

The endurance sports categorize events into before-segment and after-the-segment. The users of the application create a leaderboard of times for famous tracks. Other cyclists can compete to improve on that time.

Showcase Your Success to Others

The cyclists can share pictures of the beautiful places around them. You can also add captions and add stories of your adventures to let your friends know about them.

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