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Here Are the Top Stress Management Apps During Time of Coronavirus

Here is the list of the best stress management apps in this time of coronavirus horror. Since epidemic is making people live in quarantine and practice social isolation, there is a great need of tech products that can help reduce depress and put the life on track.   

The choice is made on the basis of their rating and reviews on both Google Play and Apple Store.  

Top 5 Stress Management  Apps


Breath2Relax is a portable mobile app for both Android and iOS. App is developed by National Center of Telehealth and Technology. This app teaches users the skill of breathing which relieves the tension and anxiety. The Breat2Relax helps in learning “Diaphragmatic breathing” in practiced sessions. This app allows users measure the stress level before and after the breathing session. It also helps in  keeping the track of performance and observing the betterment. This app also contains general information of effects of stress on daily life. 


Colorfy is a free coloring book available in both Android and iOS and qualifies itself as one of the best stress management apps for many reasons. . Paint flower, pattern, illustration, and landscape are few of the themes to choose from.  Users  can create their own snap colorful by adding filters.  It has a feature to share designed image with friends and family, and claim some likes and comments. Colorfy is an offline app hence users don’t need WIFI to become a kid again. The  app helps millions of people to relief their anxiety by simple coloring.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle is a sleep analysis and smart alarm clock application for both Android and iOS users. This app tracks the sleep pattern and only wakes  up  users when they are in light sleep phase like waking up naturally without alarm. Better sleep leads users towards stress free life. It tracks sleep from bedtime to morning and helps people wake up naturally and makes them like well rested and energized. The premium features includes the effect of weather on sleep, monitoring heart rate, taking sleep notes and much more.  


Headspace is a meditation app available for both Android and iOS users. The users can learn the life changing skill of stress management, physical health, and personal growth. The purpose of the app is to feel better by focussing more and stressing less.  It is a life changing app which can be used anytime and anywhere. This app helps people breath, meditate and lead a mindful life. It has two modes the wakeup mode and move mode. In wakeup mode users get expert advice which keeps them inspired and happy. In move mode users get the workout and meditation lessons from the experts. Millions of users get mindful lives by using this app. This is one of the few stress management apps that also act as the motivational coaches.


As the name indicates it is one of those stress management apps that help people keep calm; It is the leading meditation app available for both Android and iOS users. This app has won the Apple app of the year, Apple best of 2018, and Google plays editor’s choice award 2018. This app is most recommended app by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. It provides the guided session of meditation and offers the experience  of the most restful sleep, lower stress, and anxiety. The premium subscription includes body calming program and master class, and exclusive music.

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