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How Students Can Get Work Visa in the UK during Studies

Getting a work visa in the UK has become more accessible for students than before. New immigration rules allow students more time for making a transition from Tier 4 to Tier 2 visa; they can now apply for tier 2 visa earlier. In this way, they get more time to find a job as they become eligible for a work visa, even before the award of degree.

Here is what students need to know about an opportunity of getting a work visa in UK.

Difference between Tier 2 and Tier 4 visa

International students in the UK, usually have a Tier 4 visa. It expires after the six months of the completion of course duration.  In this way, students have to leave the country after their studies are complete. Further, they have very less time to apply for jobs in the UK.

Foreigners who are not students, can get a tier 2 visa in UK on certain conditions. Before the recently reported update in policy, students couldn’t apply for tier 2 visa, even after finding a job. Those who completed their studies but awaited degrees were still considered as a student. Hence, their status barred them for being eligible for a tier 2 visa. Now, the students have got more time to apply for the work visa than limited period of 6 months. According to reports, Tier 2 visa can enable its holder to work in the country, even up to 5 years.

Work Visa in the UK

Application Process for Work Visa in the UK

The duration of visa application can vary from eight weeks to ten days. It all depends upon the procedure students adopt for applying for the new visa. Youth studying in the UK universities that top the world ranking, have the more chances to start an excellent professional career by working in the top organizations

How South Asian Students Can Benefit from It

New work visa in UK regulations appear to be a post-Brexit impact. After UK’s separation from EU (European Union), chances would increase for the students from other parts of the world to enroll in British Universities. Recently, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, visited Sub-continent as part of his London is Open Campaign. He conveyed the message that citizens of these countries are welcomed to be a part of the diverse life of the UK. Designing less strict policies that can make students get a work visa in the UK can be an attempt to increase the inclusiveness in the country that might face a decline after Brexit. Apart from the underlying motive, new regulations are likely to open more opportunities for Indo-Pak youth.

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