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Sudden Release of iOS 14 Has Made Developers Angry

Apple surprisingly announced the release of iOS 12. It has made some app developers question the intentions of the tech giant. While it is a nice surprise for Apple’s users, the developers are pretty annoyed that they only have 24 hours to upgrade their apps based on the new platform

The release seemed a bit rushed to the majority considering how feature-rich this operating system is. It has made historic changes to the UI, major improvements to the messaging app, privacy enhancements, and much more.

Developers Feel That iOS 14 Release Is Rushed

Developers felt that Apple has neglected their feelings by giving them so less time to work on their apps. Apple mentioned in newsletter that developers must make sure that their apps are ready before the operating system is available to the consumers. Many developers from different parts of the world have expressed discontent from the lack of communication by the tech giant. Since the release was said to be 16th September

People have spent countless hours on making the apps for iPhone and Apple might have wasted their effort with this surprise release. Users will upgrade to the new system as soon as the update is available which will render the installed apps dormant unless developers can update all of them in less than 24 hours.

Developers Did not Receive The Proper Tools On Time

Some developers have already tried submitting the new builds before release but failed because Apple did not make Xcode 12 available to use that time. The current situation threatens panic among developers which will force them to rush the app development process. It may result in buggy and unstable apps in iOS 14.

Apparently, Apple released the golden master (GM) edition just one night before public release. Apple coined the term GM to specify their software which has completed all development and testing phases. Developers require the GM release to test apps before the launch of public release. Upon realizing that the time frame can cause panic, some developers will hold the work on their apps

Usually, Apple provides an ample amount of time for app development. An Independent app developer mentioned that the GM version releases at least one week before the Apple Event. Moreover, the public release is made available after one week of the Apple Event which provides more than 2 weeks for developers to update their apps.

This is the most crucial phase of iOS app development in which all bugs and issues can be identified and resolved within time

Users Can Avoid Upgrading

It is possible that users may avoid upgrading to the new software until their favorite apps are fully updated and functional. Many huge developers are currently working on apps to make the iOS 14 compatible. Meanwhile, both developers and users are sharing the idea of not upgrading until the apps are stable.

A video game franchise claimed that their app, RuneScape Mobile didn’t need to be updated for iOS 14. It seems like that some big time developers have intensively optimized their apps for future updates. Yet, it would require few tweaks to clear known bugs if any.

It is harsher for small-scale or independent developers scattered throughout the world. Apple failed to release the GM version for all developers due to time zone differences. As consequence, some developers will have less than 12 hours to submit their updates for the app.
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