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Suicide Attack at Lahore’s Data Darbar Leaves 9 Dead and 24 Injured

Early morning on Wednesday while people were observing their second day of fast a suicide attack rocked Lahore the second largest city of Pakistan. The explosion took place at one of the subcontinent’s oldest Sufi Shrines, famous as Data Darbar.

Attacker reportedly targeted the vehicle of Police’s elite force and resulted in martyrdom of cops on duty along with civilians taking the death toll to 9.

Who Was Responsible for Suicide Attack in Lahore

While talking to the media Ashfaq Khan, deputy inspector general of police operations told that the motives behind the suicide attack or who conducted it are not yet known. However, it appears that the miscreants were trying to target the elite police personnel stationed at a checkpoint near the entrance of the shrine

After the Sri Lankan attack this is the second attack targeting devotes

This is not the first time the shrines of Sufis have been targeted especially during the month of Ramzan

when the number of people visiting the shrine increases exponentially. Such sacred places have been targeted by terrorists in past as well.

 The continuos anti-terrorist operations by the army and other security agencies have dramatically reduced the terrorist activities in the country. But the terrorists still manage to slip the grip of the security forces and manage to conduct their atrocious attacks.

The Shrine Is On High Alert

According to media reports, several victims are in critical condition and have been shifted to the hospital for treatment. The injured include two young boys. The police personnel who lost their lives in the attack were part of an elite security force.

The shrine and other holy places have been put on high alert. Additional security personnel have arrived on the scene, they cordoned off the area and are searching for hidden explosive. The priminister of Pakistan Imran Khan while condemning the attacked has ordered the Punjab government to provide full assistance to the victims’ families and those injured.

Peoples Response To The Suicide Attack

Muslim religious leader from all over the world while expressing their sorrow on the loss of life condemned the attack and requested the Muslims to stay united.

The heinous attack has received condemnation from all over the world

Many Indians while condemning the attack reminded Pakistan that it’s high time it starts expelling and stops supporting those terrorist groups it uses against India as the groups have no loyalties to anyone

Celebrities also took to social media to condemn the attack and express their sorrows.

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