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Suman Pawan Bodani -Pakistan’s first Female Hindu Judge

Suman Pawan Bodani, a female from the minority Hindu community has become the first civil judge of Pakistan. Her success is encouraging for minority communities of the countries, who fear the lack of opportunities.

Suman Pawan Bodani- A Way Towards Inclusive Pakistan

Appointment of  female Hindu citizen as a civil judge is a rebuttal of the notion that Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not the country where minorities can reach a higher rank. Suman a resident of Shahdadkot was ecstatic when she got the news she has been selected for the position of judge. She stood 54th on the merit list.  

Suman’s selection as civil judge despite being a non-muslim is a good omen. The recent government of Imran Khan had faced a tough criticism after the removal of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council only because he was Qadiani and his appointment didn’t go well with mullahs.

Who Is Suman?

Suman is the daughter of doctor Pawan Bodani from Shahdad Kot Sindh. It is to be noted that Bodani is not the first person from Hindu community to achieve this rank. Earlier, Rana Bhagwan Das another Hindu citizen became a supreme court judge; he also served as the acting chief justice of Supreme Court.

A Welcoming Response by the People of Pakistan

Pakistanis have very warmly welcomed it first female Hindu judge and have shown great confidence in her.

People were proud of this lady for her success.

Indians reaction on her selection

Many Indians view her selection as a welcoming surprise while other say this is nothing more than a sham. Suman’s selection has sparked a debate in India over job selection practices. Many minorities feel that they are being mistreated and even if they deserve the job they are refused just because they are from another faith.

The Muslims in particular feel disrespected as they feel they are the most neglected and in many cases have immerged where a person has been refused a job just because he is a Muslim.

People of neighboring country are hoping that their government will also prefer merit over sheer prejudice and give people of all communities equal rights.

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