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Sunny Leone Opens Up on Being Offered A Role in Game of Thrones

Imagine watching B-town heartthrob Sunny Leone in favorite HBO series Game of Thrones. Well, such possibility can’t be ruled out as Sunny has recently opened up about being offered a role in Game of Thrones. The actress who rose to fame for appearing in adult films and then undergoing her career transformation didn’t reveal much about the character.

Sunny Leone In Game of Thrones

Yes, Sunny Leone admitted to receiving an offer for Game of Thrones and also told that she had to turn it down. Sunny revealed about the offer in an interview with FreePressJournal. She told that the guy was like he knew it was last minute but they had to cast her for a role in Game of Thrones. Later, the sent her an IMDB link, she clicked on it and found it to be fake. Therefore, what Sunny received was a spam message and not really an offer to play some character in Game of Thrones.

Sunny who has also done many Bollywood films, is also hosting a reality TV show splitsvilla.

Controversies Surrounding Sunny Leone

Game of Thrones is the popular tv series across the globe and so is the Sunny Leone. Where there is no lack of viewers who search for where can I watch the new Game of Thrones, there are also fans desperately waiting for new Sunny Leone videos. But, the actress is not only popular for her bold scenes in adult films, in fact, but she also remains in the news for her more for her damn care attitude towards haters and her bold stance.

Protests in Banguluru Against Sunny Leone’s Dance

It has not been even a year since she made news for provoking the sentiments of pro-Kannada extremist parties. She sparked the mass suicide threats in Bangaluru over her scheduled dance on new year’s eve. The actress had to cancel her performance due to protest from pro-Kannada parties who perceived her Sunny Leone’s dance as an onslaught on their culture.

Sunny is again set to perform in Bengaluru on November 3, and again there are fears of protests from the same organizations. Let’s see whether the actress succeeds in making conservative people accept her in the mainstream cultural arena or not. The star is already making an effort to tell her tale through a tv series Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story of Sunny Leone. The Zee 5 series aims to cover the Sunny’s journey to a porn star.

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