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Surat Road Accident Takes Lives of 15 Sleeping Laborers

A collision of the truck with a tractor in Surat which is stated in Indian state of Gujarat caused a huge loss of lives. The Surat road accident that took place on Kim-Mandvi road resulted in the death of 15 migrant workers while injuring several. The government officials after taking the notice of the incident handled the matter accordingly.

Specifics About the Surat Road Accident

According to police, the accident took place near Kosamba village. The dumper crushed 12 people and brutally wounded eight. Three of them couldn’t make it while under treatment. Reportedly, the police arrested the driver who was also badly injured due to the harsh accident; although, he is also acquiring treatment. Additionally, The workers who died in the Surat road accident were from Madhya Pradesh and Banswada, Rajasthan. 

There’s More To The Story Behind The Accident 

According to the annual report created by NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau), in the year 2020, 151 thousand people died in road accidents in India. A huge ratio of Migrant workers is also included in the list of people who met their maker through road accidents that happened in India.

In India, it is really difficult for migrant laborers to find shelter during and after their work. Thus, they become restricted to make the roads their sleeping bed, which is extremely dangerous at night. Similarly, the Surat road accident is also a tragedy that highlights the need for shelters for homeless laborers in India.

Migrant workers in India are the worst affected of any natural disaster, the calamity of a man-caused accident. They suffered the loss of jobs and even hunger when the Indian government imposed covid 19 lockdowns. The incident of dumper crushing the homeless laborers is not new of its kind. Few years, back a well-known Bollywood celebrity had also stirred controversy after hitting a homeless person on the footpath with a fast running vehicle.

PM Modi Expressed His Grief on Incident

Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi expressed his grief towards the fallen workers who died in the tragic accident. He also prayed for the early recovery of the injured workers. 

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