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Here Are Some Lockdown Effects Which Are Baffling People

With coronavirus pandemic the lives of people have been changed so has the global environment. Many countries have been in lockdown since must stay at home is the only vaccine right. Lockdown effects on the environment are clearly visible in a positive way and they have left people all around the world astonished.

Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in factories, markets, shops, most of the public transport suspended and construction work halted which has caused an improve in  the air quality.

The European Space Agency, has observed the changing density of the harmful gas which is due to lockdown effect. These gases emit when fossil fuels are burnt.

While humans are staying at home environment has started showing lockdown effects very clearly, making certain beautiful and eye catchy images from real life to go  viral on internet.

These Lockdown Effects Are Really Surprising

Many have observed the clear view of the sites they have never seen before. They are capturing those stunning scenes and sharing them on social media.

Like this Twitter user eye-witnessed the spectacular Himachal Pradesh’s Dhauladhar range for the first time ever.

Threre were some more scenes from the nature’s marvel.

Well, not everybody seems to go gaga over the natural beauty which is manifesting itself in the lockdown effects. Some people are sarcastically photoshopping the images of locations which are impossible to be seen from a certain place with naked eye.

Things in West Are Now Visible from East

Like  air purity in India has  improved so much that people are witnessing Taj Mahal and Statue of Unity from Hyderabad India.

This Twitter user took a jibe at those lockdown effects images by merging the statue of unity in India with statue of liberty in the United States just to poke fun.

Apparently folks noticed Earth’s second sun.

Sights of Statue of Liberty from Bradford which is 3,350 miles away has turned into a meme.

Well these photoshopped photos are becoming out of control just like viral Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli honeymoon picture.

View of Eiffel Tower from Ryhope beach is quit astonishing. 

Pakistanis are no behind in the race of funny lockdown effects. As this user has tried to show Himalyas from Karachi.

There Are Some Really Stunning Images As Well

Pir Punjal Mountain Range, Jammu has been visible from Sialkot, Pakistan. This has been observed after 70-80 years.

People are thinking that the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic brought positive change in world. It has made Islamabad the most beautiful capital of the world more worth seeing sight.

Well, despite seeing some real big changes people still can’t seem to stop themselves from making memes.

This Instagram post  linking some real far off sites together as one of the prominent lockdown effects is going viral.

Wildlife has also taken the opportunity presented by peopl’s widespread absence from suburban streets and city centers to venture out and explore.

People have seen animal are roaming around freely in this fresh and pure human-free world and they even pop up on doors to check humans are okay.

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