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Dil Bechara Trailer: Bollywood Awaits Swansong of Sushant Singh Rajput

The most anticipated trailer for late Suhant Singh Rajput’s film has been released.  Within a few hours, it has become one of the fastest liked videos of all time on Youtube. Dil Bechara trailer shows that the movie will be a romantic drama based on the novel and film named The Fault In Our Stars.

The film is directed by debutant Mukesh Chhabra and features newcomer Sanjana Sanghi, the veteran Saif Ali Khan, and the late Sushant Singh Rajput. The filming for Dil Bechara was completed in 2018 but the release was delayed due to the pandemic. Now it is going to be released on Disney+ Hotstar on 24 July 2020.

Director Introduces Dil Bechara Trailer

Director Mukesh Chhabra sent a message to the audience and urged them to watch this film and celebrate the life of Sushant Singh Rajput together with their loved one. The director stated that Sushant was also a special friend for him and this film was their dream.

The film is about the story of two youngsters who fighting a tough battle with cancer while exploring the miserable life and devastating love. The film narrates the difficult but profound journey to show how life and love can successfully co-exist.

Reaction From Bollywood Celebrities

The latest addition to Bollywood, Sanjana Sanghi emotionally announced the trailer one day before. She remembered Sushant by referring to the chemistry between their characters.

Sushant’s co-star in Raabta and good friend, Kriti Sanon was heartbroken before even watching the Dil Bechara trailer. It seems hard for his close friends to look at him singing and dancing in the film after knowing the troubles Sushant have faced.

A veteran superstar Anil Kapoor shared and praised the Dil Bechara trailer. He said it was a beautiful tribute to Sushant and an opportunity for every Bollywood fan to watch his last movie ever.

Ritesh Deshmukh replied to Chhabra that he was also ready to celebrate the life of a fine actor.

Farhan Akhtar also loved the trailer that left him with a bittersweet feeling.

Most Liked Trailer On YouTube

Within 24 hours, Dil Bechara trailer has become the most liked trailer on YouTube ever beating Avengers: Infinity War.

A Little Too Late

On the other hand, Sushant’s fans have condemned journalists for their hypocritical praises to join the bandwagon of Dil Bechara trailer. Many journalists are accused of systematic dismantling of Sushant’s mind by printing rubbish content ordered by the higher ups. This user mentioned one such analyst to show how hypocriticism works. 

This user seems angry at the wrong kind of criticism that most bollywood analysts use. Whether they decide to praise or criticize something, they take it to extreme levels. As a result, they miss the opportunities to be grateful and later feel regretful. It is because the trailer of Dil Bechara is one of the most beloved things right now. If anybody speaks against it now – will be singled out and trolled for the rest of his life.

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