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Is Sushant Singh Rajpoot a Victim of Murder Instead of Suicide?

Shocking new details have emerged in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. The actor’s death was declared a suicide on June 14, 2020, when the police found him hanging from a ceiling. However, many people have been challenging that ruling ever since after sensing foul play. Some even called out the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) to investigate further and summon witnesses in court. Now, a statement from a mortuary staff member has been going viral on the internet. The pathologist Roopkumar Shah claimed that the autopsy he performed revealed signs often found in a murder case.

Evidence of Inflicted Violence on Sushant Singh Rajpoot

Shah revealed that he was present when SSR’s body was brought to Cooper Hospital for postmortem. It was among 5 bodies brought to him that night. He was told that there was one VIP body in it, but no one knew who it was at first. When Shah looked at the deceased actor, his immediate conclusion was that it was a murder, not a suicide. According to his statement, he removed the clothes and saw deep injury marks on the body and the neck at multiple places. Moreover, he claimed that the hands and legs were broken, probably due to beating. Shah ruled out suicide because the injuries on the neck did not resemble hanging marks.

Seniors Uninterested in Postmortem Result

Shah also claimed that he informed the “seniors” about his finding, so they should work together according to the relevant law. However, those “seniors” disregarded his concern and told him to do his job while they did theirs. Shah’s job was to cut and sew the dead body, while seniors only had orders to “work on photographs”.

The pathologist also revealed that the entire operation was supposed to be videographed. Still, the authorities insisted on taking pictures and handing the body to the police as quickly as possible.

Calls for CBI to Provide Justice

The development has intensified the calls for justice on social media. Several Bollywood fans commented that their suspicions were correct and that Indian authorities must produce results. The death has been investigated by major Indian forces, including the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Enforcement Directorate (ED), and Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), from various angles. NCB also arrested SSR’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, alleging that she and her brother supplied drugs to the deceased. Bombay High Court granted her bail after a month, ruling that she did not deliver or sell drugs to anyone. Following the trial, the actress went through a vicious media hate campaign. Conservative journalists and social media trolls called her a “manipulative woman” who drove Sushant to suicide.

However, with new details revealed by the mortuary official, the public’s interest has shifted to CBI’s next step. Will the investigative authorities take any action on the given information? Actor/director Shekhar Suman also commented that it is a definite lead to uncovering a potential conspiracy behind SSR’s death.

Concerns for Roopkumar Shah’s Safety

On the other hand, there are also concerns for the safety of the pathologist who said SSR’s death was a murder. He has played the role of a whistleblower and exposed an unlawful autopsy. Many fear that if the rich and powerful staged SSR’s death, they could be a threat to Shah as well. SSR’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti also urged the authorities to protect Shah and make her brother’s case timebound.

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