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Swiss Government Target Muslims Once Again Through Burqa Ban

After France, Switzerland also passed a law in 2016 as the burqa ban was considered the need of an hour. Now after two years, a state of Switzerland, St. Gallen had voted in the favor of this law on Sunday 23rd September 2018.

Burqa Ban and Pauline Hanson

Well, this burqa ban in different European countries is a controversial move and it all started with this lady Pauline Hanson. Who ruthlessly first tried to target Muslims through this law in Australia but after she got the negative response she started this campaign all around the globe.

France and the Burqa Ban

In 2004 this movement embarked in France and in 2011 this law became the major part of the regulations. In France, covering the whole face is considered a crime and such people are not welcomed. This is not the only thing many other disrespectful and discriminatory acts against Muslims, that happened in France. Earlier the blasphemous caricature of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the French publication Chalie Hebdo had also infuriated the Muslim world. also made. Well, the Muslim countries had objected and condemned the act. Yet for the burqa ban, there has been a keen silence all around the world.

Canton Of St. Gallon

After the voting polls were opened in several areas of Switzerland, Canton of St. Gallon has voted in the favor of Burqa ban which is itself an indication that this movement is getting hype in Switzerland too. Where a proper region has cast the vote in favor of this law.

The stance of Muslim World

Well, we all know that Saudi Arabia is a very important Muslim state and the stance of Saudia is the considered as the most valid among all other Muslim and non-muslim countries of the world. But the disappointing thing here is that not even a single statement has been uttered by this country regarding this subject.

Even Turkey and Pakistan seem quite regarding this law. Which means that either these countries are planning to forward a statement against burqa ban or they are ignoring this subject.

All around the world peace and the religious obligations are considered sacred but why always Muslims are the target even for maintaining their respect and ethics? Yes, we in the Muslim world can also ban churches and temples but we never did such a thing because our religion preaches peace and this is our first priority.

Now Muslim leaders need to gather on one page and discuss their insecurities with the western world. These leaders need to aware the western people regarding our rituals and culture so that they can stop their useless and ruthless targeting of Muslims. Even the most liberal parties and feminist think that wearing the burqa or removing it should be a female’s decision and no one can impose something on her!


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