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People Feel for Syra Yusaf after Sadaf Kanwal-Shehroz Sabzwari Nikah

Pakistani dramas fans seem to have left heartbroken by the news of model and actor Sadaf Kanwal’s Nikah with Shehroz Sabzwar. They have been very emotional because of the former wife of Shehroze, Syra Yousaf. Many people have extended their heartfelt compliments for Yousaf along with plethora of critical remarks for the newlywed couple.

This Nikah came out as a shock to everyone because it justified the previous scandal of the non-marital affair between the current couple. Previously Sabzwari refused to have any other relationship with Kanwal except friendship. This betrayal was also felt by the fans of these celebrities and they decided to express their feelings and views on social media. Many feelings were explicitly outrageous which is why they could not be shared. These are a few of the tweets that sum up everything that’s going on around this nikah.

No Marriage Wishes for Sadaf Kanwal And Shahroz Sabzwari

People found this marriage extremely distasteful. They sent well wishes for Syra Yousaf instead of Sadaf Kanwal and Shehroz Sabzwari. Yousaf and Sabzwari were married since 2012 and have a daughter. Many people condemned Sabzwari for simply opting out of one family in order to establish another one. Kanwal is also under fire for supporting such a decision.

Syra Yousaf Accepted the Betrayal with Grace

People admired Yousaf for displaying amazing grace and elegance in dealing with this major change in her life. They feel that Yousaf might have already known that this would happen one day but she still did not retaliate

One user also compared this incident with what Malik Riaz’s daughter did with Uzma Khan. She differentiated how Aminah Usman (the girl Malik Riaz’s daughter fought for) of them reacted upon finding out their husband cheated on them. Syra left peacefully while Amina chose violence.

Pretending To Be Friends

One social media user shared an image where Sadaf Kanwal can be seen close to Syra Yousaf. Fans used this image to warn others about those people who pretend to be friends and only stay close for advantageous purposes.

Sabzwari Successfully Maintaining the Notion of ‘Men Are Trash’

These incidents are becoming increasingly normal in Pakistan while continued stress is being put on reforming the gender roles in society. Women have been victimized by men so much that there is no need for women to start doing that with each other as well. One user adds that men will not hesitate to have multiple partners no matter how much they are condemned for having this trait.

What Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari did can be disappointing for many but it is not surprising. Many women have become cautious, strong, and independent so they don’t have to suffer if their husband turns out to be one of the dubious men.

One user reminds how Sabzwari tried to convince everyone that Sadaf and he were just friends. It means that the friends became life partners while Sabzwari was already married to Yousaf. The couple deliberately initiated a non-marital affair to eventually end the current relationship.

Another user found that this is a perfect situation to apply the popular dialogue from a Pakistani drama serial Mere Pass Tum Ho which generated some hilarious memes.

Wishing a Good Future for Syra Yousaf

As per the fans, it was a good riddance for Syra Yousaf and a sigh of relief. They think it is a lot better than Syra having to drag a broken relationship. In absence of her official response on the matter, this is how they picture Yousaf saying goodbye to all the toxicity in her life.

Her fans send wishes and prayers her way and also cannot wait to see her happy with someone who actually deserves her.

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