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Fans Ask Syra Yousaf to Marry Sheheryar Munawar after Viral Photoshoot

Pakistani model and actor, Syra Yousaf appeared in a steamy photo session with co-star Sheheryar Munawar and it actually set social media on fire.

Fans have gone wild over how both artists looked in the pictures. They applauded their outfits, make-up, chemistry, and sex appeal. Majority was in the mood to see them officially bonded to each other.

Pakistani drama fans have shown a lot of love and respect for Syra after her divorce from Sehroz Sabzwari and the way she handled it with class.

Syra Yousaf And Sheheryar Munawar Light Up Social Media

Each picture told a unique story of closeness which people wanted to see in Syra’s real life as well. So, they fantasized about how these pictures can be a cornerstone for producing an extremely hot couple.

This picture hit everyone right in the feels. They ultimately concluded that there is definitely something which is invisible but dying to come to surface.

They completely ignored the fact that this was just a photoshoot. Their fans were desperate to see their fantasy become reality

They thought that it was inevitable to fall in love after doing this kind of shoot.

The heat became so much for their fans to contain themselves.

The extraordinary expressions by the actors made the shoot look very natural. The pictures captured some intimate moments, showing sexual tension that can be relatable for so many couples.

Hottest Photoshoot Ever ?

Some users stated that this was the hottest photoshoot of Pakistan. Even those who do not follow modelling, were aroused by the pictures

The pictures were turning on boys and girls alike.

It was just making people imagine as Syra Yousaf and Shehreyar Munawar.

A Karma Moment for Shehroz?

Fans opined that this shoot was probably done to get back at Syra’s ex-husband who was accused of cheating on her.

Some even said that it would be very hard for Shehroz Sabzwari to breathe after watching these pictures. People also criticized him when he left Syra Yousaf and got married to Sadaf Kanwal.

They felt that Syra was the main superstar of this shoot, who is doing all the required work to make the pictures as sizzling as possible.

In this photoshoot Syra Yousaf looks more attractive as compared to her male counterpart. This user opined that Pakistani men do not deserve a gem like her, therefore, she will not be supporting them to become a couple.

The shoot was done for OK Magazine. Both artists have worked together in TV dramas and films. They played major roles in Pakistani film, Project Ghazi (2019). Syra also made a cameo appearance in popular song “Shakar Wandan” in Ho Mann Jahaan (2015).

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