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Syra Yousuf Responds To The Internet Trolls With Grace

The lovely actress Syra Yousaf has faced criticism after her sister Palwasha shared one photo on Instagram. The criticism has stemmed from the unrealistic beauty expectations of Pakistani society. Celebrities, especially female ones have often fallen victim to the online hate and bullying by internet trolls. They often want the stars to be perfect all time, have flawless skin, modest values, taller height, and unbalanced weight. These foolish expectations have led many Pakistani men and women to type foolish comments under this beautiful picture:


Internet Trolls After Syra Yousaf’s Beautiful Picture

Film and drama fans have written very mean comments under her photo. Such kinds of comments can seriously hurt anyone but they forgot that it was Syra Yousuf that they were dealing with. Some people said that her skin looked older, while others complained about the make-up.

comment 2

Internet trolls wrote much worse comments which got deleted later. Some even went as far as saying that they (make-up artists) did not use photoshop this time. Actually, this bit was true since this photo was supposed to be this way.

The Filtered Reality

The problem with these internet trolls is that they are so used to seeing filtered images that seeing an unfiltered image has shocked their perception of reality. Little they know that this is exactly how the skin looks after applying make-up. People use several filters before posting their picture right-after make-up because there are textures visible on the skin. Filters hide these textures and only glow up the skin without any natural pores and hair. People have gotten so attached to this unrealistic effect that they were unable to identify the real look after make-up.

Response From The Actress

The actress knew the irrelevancy of this bullying so it did not let her down. Instead, she was all about self-love, which was the best insult for these trolls on the internet. She only said that she really liked her skin and did not acknowledge any of the comments from haters.

Some of her fans also tried to educate the trolls about the naturality of skin. It does not matter if a person is a celebrity, the skin is the same on every human, and it is flawed. Yet, it is beautiful and Syra Yousuf’s fans are grateful that there was no filter.

Her fans have thanked her for not editing this photo as it gives them the confidence to appear in unfiltered photos themselves. Her hot pictures with Shehryar Munawar also received a lot of love from her fans.

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