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Syria War- 250 Civilians Get Killed in East Ghouta

Dozens of airstrikes and shelling by the pro-government Syrian forces have resulted in the killing of more than 250 civilians within 48 hours in East Ghouta, say media reports. The victims also include around 50 children and 42 women.

Syrian Forces’ Strike in East Ghouta

Recent airstrikes by the pro- Bashar-Al-Assad forces in Ghouta have shaken humanitarian groups. According to a human rights observatory, deadly shelling that started on Sunday killed almost 106 civilians on Tuesday alone, resulting in the highest death tolls within two days after the 2013 chemical attack that allegedly killed 1400 people.

Reports suggest that Syrian forces’ offensive bombardment on the rebel-held area of East Ghouta, struck six hospitals putting three out of service.

Talking on the recent incursion on East Ghouta, Leen Hasham of Amnesty International said, “In the end, the Syrian government has followed the systematic policy, the systematic strategy of besiegement and bombardment, until people have to give up and they are forcibly displaced,” quoted CNN.

Killing of Innocent Children in East Ghouta

Massacre as result of almost seven years old Syrian civil war has brutally victimized the children. The recent East Ghouta airstrikes have killed nearly 50 children. Despite clamor from the international human rights groups, nothing much has changed in the wretched life of East Ghouta people, except an increase in the death tolls.

The bloodshed of the innocent children made UNICEF (United Nations International Children Emergency Fund) go out of the words and issue a blank statement for condemnation.

A Statement by, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East Geert Capperlaere said, “No words will do justice to the children killed, their mothers, their fathers and their loved ones,” followed by a blank till the end.

The Syrian war has a significant contribution to an escalation of Middle East conflict which is a major global risk in 2018. The unjustified killing of the innocent children who never initiated the war is posing a danger to the safe upbringing of the young Syrian generation in the years to come.

Status of East Ghouta in Syrian Conflict

Almost 400,000 residents live in the East Ghouta, the area which is theoretically in a no-conflict zone, hence safe for civilians from the attack of any warring party. Islamic rebel groups like Hayat Tahrir Al Shams, which was formerly known as Jabhat Al Nasra control the area. But the recent escalation by the pro-government forces unleashed the anarchic life in war-torn east Ghouta, where life seems to have ceased.

According to reports, there are no signs of life in Eastern Ghouta due to lack of necessities like food and medicine. Due to besiegement, international convoys have not been able to supply the medication, and food as they are barred access to the enclave. Media reports further suggest that government will launch a ground assault, after the recent attack

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