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Fans React After T-Series Deletes Atif Aslam’s Kinna Sona

T-Series deleted Atif Aslam’s Kinna Sona, a popular song from their YouTube channel after facing criticism for uploading it. The song was a rendition of another song with the same title and it was featured in a Bollywood film Marjaavan (2019).

The music label’s channel received hostile responses from so-called nationalist Indian listeners. They were probably demanding to remove the song of a Pakistani singer due to traditional rivalry between the two countries.

T-Series Deleting Atif Aslam’s Kinna Sona

There were many requests made in the past for the channel to remove all songs that feature Pakistani artists. This is a difficult time for politics and peace, so extremist Indians who perhaps don’t want to see peace in the region are making requests from Indian YouTube music channels to delete songs of Pakistani singers.

Cine association in India has already banned Pakistani artists from working in movies. But this doesn’t seem enough for some Indians who think that airing the songs of a rival country’s artist is anti-nationalism.

Few were ready to unsubscribe T-Series if the channel didn’t remove Kinna Sona song by Atif Aslam

Even political figures also came forward with threats to T-series.

The Channel Apologized For Uploading The Song

After the severe backlash, T-Series apologised to the indian music lovers for not adhering to the demands of All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) which has requested to prohibit Pakistani artists from working in India.

This is the letter in which AICWA demands Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to place this ban on the basis of political conspiracies between the two countries.

T-Series removed Atif Aslam’s Kinna Sona and claimed in an apology letter that one of their employees put it up who was unaware of the situation. They condemned their mistake and promised to stop promoting Pakistani artists.

T-Series Still Faced Criticism After Removing The Song

Deleting Atif Aslam’s Kinna Sona may have saved T-Series from the wrath of warmongering Indians but it made it face criticism from those who think music can bring peace. It may have satisfied some but others are sad and furious over yet another ban. Pakistan has also banned Indian media to play in theatres or on TV. Due to strong political crises, both of these countries cannot even play cricket in similar leagues. This user is disappointed to see that politics is becoming a huge problem for artists.

Music lovers hoped that maybe something would unite these countries, and that thing could have been music if not movies and cricket. They want ignore the political differences and enjoy the music

This user also agrees that political differences should not disrupt the love for music. It is not love if it’s selective.

Some do not even care about the removal of Kinna Sona song as this indian user would still be listening to Atif Aslam

Pakistanis reminded indian music fans about all the Pakistani tunes India has stolen to make their songs. Once, a politician also stole a Pakistani nationalist song and turned it into an Indian nationalist song.

Atif Aslam’s fans say that the singer does not need any corporation to promote him because of his far-reaching fame. 

In the end, it is a humble suggestion for T-Series to delete the other versions of the song as well. Since, it is a modified version of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s song.

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