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Taapsee Pannu Slams Celebrities for Propaganda Tweets

It seems that Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu had enough of the fiasco surrounding protesting farmers and blind nationalists. While ignoring the economic rights of the farmers, Indian government and its supporters have been pushing hideous agenda against farmers and Sikh community as a whole. They have been accusing farmers who are protesting for their economic right, to be some kind of terrorists. 

When some notable international figures raised their voice for the protesting farmers in India, some big Bollywood celebrities started to defend the government on social media as part of what seems to be a coordinated campaign. Their tweets were somewhat similar and largely promoted the same propaganda of Indian ruling party, BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party). This led Pannu to call out their problematic alignment with the government’s narrative.

Taapsee Pannu Triggers Modi Bhakts (Indian Nationalists)

Taapsee showed the mirror to BJP supporters about their weak value system. They kept on giving nationalist remarks like a broken record while the country was sinking in the tears of protesting farmers. With tweets from the likes of Greta Thunberg, Rihanna, and Mia Khalifa, a large part of the world is aware of the Indian government’s injustice to poor farmers. Many social media users have opined that the Indian government has probably activated its Bollywood trolls to do some damage control.

Rihanna’s tweet sparked a fierce conflict with Indian nationalist actress Kangna Ranaut, who went in full-on Bhakt mode. Apparently, more and more Bollywood stars were coming to air the propaganda against farmers. So, Taapsee Pannu tried to educate them but Kangna stuck her tweets in this business as well. She disrespected Pannu and called her a B grade actress with B grade thinking. Then she tweeted again to threaten abusing Pannu’s mother to check if it rattles her belief or not. She accused her of being living off of free fund and not working hard enough to make identity in the industry.

However, regular citizens were concerned about farmers and the growing animosity from the Indian regime and its supporters. They called out Kangna for abusing and degrading women, farmers, those who are showing solidarity with farmers, or with those belonging to oppressed minorities.

Singer Diljit Dosanjh has also slammed Kangna on many occasions during the world’s largest protest.

Celebrities Promoting #IndiaAgainstPropaganda Hashtag

Other actors were not as vocally violent as Kangna but they were equally cold hearted. In the name of nationalism, Bollywood celebrities including Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, and Ajay Devgan came out to support BJP regime. On top that, famous Indian cricketers were also joining the list. Indians were shocked to see the main representatives of their country defending government while staying silent on the farmer issue.

Even the rest of the film industry was disappointed at their colleagues for taking such stance during transformative times in India. Film and dance director, Farah Khan pointed out how all tweets from popular actors and sportsmen looked identical in nature. Moreover, they looked like a sick marketing campaign ordered by some higher authority. Farah said that by taking government’s side in this situation, these celebrities have only exposed themselves.

In an earlier tweet Farah Khan had also raised a point on why people from other countries were commenting on what Indian government describes as its internal matter. The issue had become of international importance because the government was not doing much to address the grievances of the farmers.

What Is Indian Government Trying To Do?

Apart from the likes of Taapsee Pannu and Farah Khan, other Indian citizens also saw BJP driven agenda in celebrity tweets. They wondered if the government actually approached them to tweet such claims about the farmer’s protest.

Otherwise, there was a lot more reason to demand government for the resolution of farmers’ anguish, then to suppress rising voices. 

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