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Google Chrome Has Introduced Tab Group Feature for Its Beta Version

Google tech giant rolled out tab group feature this week that will let users organize tabs in Google Chrome in a customizable fashion.

New feature is officially available for Chrome on the desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This feature will allow users to group similar tabs together and also allow them to organize label and even color-code their tabs for easy access.

Once the updates are available, it will provide a hassle free experience. Now there is no more need to open many URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) or bookmark multiple pages. This tab group feature unable user to open multiple URLs or web pages in a single click which was grouped together under tab group feature.  

 This feature is more convenient during work-from-home policy during lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic.

Statement by Google Regarding Tab Group Feature

Google has been testing this new feature froma  long time but announced it now for public release. According to the statement released by Google they speculated that people tended to organize their tabs by topic like users web projects that they are working on or a set of different website such as shopping and review sites.

Google has been testing “tab group” feature from few months and rolling it out gradually in order to sustain browser’s “stability and performance.”

How to Activate Tab Group Feature

 Tab group feature is available on Google Chrome 81 for Windows and Mac OS. The easy way to activate  tab group feature is by just simply click on newly added “Add tab to group” and then selecting the existing URLs to group which users also name or label according to choice.  Tab group feature also supports the use of emoji in their labels too.

User can add new tabs to already existing tab group by simply dragging the tab into the tab group.

Too-Many Tabs Problem

Google came up with the idea of tab group feature after usesr faced problems about tab stacking during work, school, research, online shopping or even just browsing for fun on internet.

 Tab group feature was not a built-in feature of Google Chrome unlike other web browsers including Vivaldi offered it. Before the tap group feature update, users had to use third-party applications. Many tab management applications or softwares are available like one-tab and workona for reduced tab clutter in Google chrome.   

This year Opera web browser has announced a new version of its web browser that allows users organize tabs into various workspaces.

This year Google has already introduced AdBlocker for Chrome which works automatically.

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