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Death of Legendary TV Anchor Tariq Aziz Leaves Pakistanis Sad

A renowned radio and television anchor Tariq Aziz passed away at the age of 84 in Lahore. According to the reports, he was diabetic and was taken to the hospital due to deteriorating health. Later, he died of a heart attack in the hospital. He was known for hosting the Tariq Aziz Show which aired for four decades. He also worked in numerous films including Insaniyat, Salgirah, Katari, and Qasam Us Waqt ki.

Aziz was born in Jalandhar now part of India and migrated to Sahiwal after the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. He worked for Radio Pakistan during the 1960s and then went on to become the first ever television host in Pakistan. His program Neelam Ghar (AKA Tariq Aziz Show) started airing in 1974 which took him to the highest level of acclaim across the country.

He has left the marks of his humble attitude and poetic language on a number of Pakistanis who are heartbroken over this news.

Television Fans Paying Tribute To Tariq Aziz

Many people paid tribute to Tariq Aziz by remembering the great moments he shared with them from the screen.

Most notable things about Tariq Aziz were his calm and collected personality. He has remained professional throughout his career which is a rare trait for anchors in Pakistan. Many people were attracted towards television in Pakistan due to Aziz. For some, he represented the most civilised version of a human being they have ever seen.

One social media user shared a video clip to show how humble Tariq Aziz was. A late humorist, Moeen Akhtar attempts to perform mimicry of Aziz and gets applauded

Premier Sends Condolences To The Family Of The Deceased

PM Imran Khan felt sad to hear the loss of Pakistan’s first television host. He recognized Tariq Aziz as a pioneer of game shows in Pakistan and sent condolences to the loss bearers. PM Khan also expressed his sadness at the death of stand-up comedian Amanullah Khan.

Pakistani Cricketers Express Their Grief

Waseem Akram remembers how youngsters were moved and inspired by the legendary host.

Ahmed Shahzad can’t help but hear the inspirational voice of departed anchor echoing in his ears.

Babar Azam prays to lord to elevate his ranks and absolve him of all sins on the basis of how good he has been with people.

Shoaib Akhtar prays for an easy afterlife for Tariq Aziz.

Celebrities Expressing Their Grief at the Loss of This Cultural Icon

Saba Qamar mentioned that her heart was aching from this news of another death. Recently she narrated a film named Sikka, which starred PIA plane crash victim, Zara Abid.

Farhan Saeed thanks the departed host for grooming so many generations. He added that his legacy will be remembered by coming generations as well.

Ali Zafar mentions that Pakistan usually forgets its real heroes but this time he feels that this pain and emptiness will linger for a long time in the hearts of Pakistanis.

This video clip attached to Zafar’s tweet was from the first ever public transmission of the first Paksitani TV channel, PTV which was presented by Tariq Aziz.

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