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Taron Egerton As Vigilante In Robin Hood Trailer Is Worth-Watching

Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Egerton looks fabulous as a Vigilante in Robin Hood trailer. The film tells an epic tale from the medieval era. The screen adaptation of this famous British folklore is indeed not something new as Erol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe have already played this character on big screen in the year 1938, 1991 and 2010 respectively. But Egerton is vigilante in Robin Hood is going to offer an entertaining cinematic watch to the modern day audience.

Taron Egerton in Robin Hood Trailer

Tailer shows a glimpse of Jammy Fox as Little John who mentors Egerton and prompts him to steal from the rich and distribute among the poor. Jamie Dornan plays the role of Will Scarlet and Eve Hewson plays Maid Marian who is married to Will but also has a relationship with Robin Hood. So, amidst the action scenes, daring stunts and all that drama, the audience have got to feast upon a love triangle that creates a gulf between brothers and gives an edge to the villain.

Evil Man of Robin Hood

Australian actor Ben Mendelson is playing villain against Taron Egerton. Ben acts as an authority and has the title of Sheriff of Nottingham. Trailor shows Ben’s men meddling with Robin’s Merry Men in an intense fight. What is more capturing and capable of keeping the audience glued to the screen is the way Egerton performs stunts with arrow and bow.

Taron Egerton in Leather Ensemble

The trailer also reveals, Egerton, dressing up in the leather ensemble and getting all set to assume the role of vigilante before he comes at loggerheads with the authorities in his endeavor to steal from poor and distribute among the rich. Watching the old era superhero in action sequences marked by the use of arrows and bows is indeed going to be a fresh blow of air for the English cinema audience. The movie will inevitably offer a respite from the endless superhero movies that show heroes with supernatural powers which are somehow empowered by the artificial intelligence or something like that.

Well, retelling the story of Robin Hood and adapting it in a way that it remains interesting for the audience is no less than a challenge. Taron Egerton’s charismatic on-screen appearance may do magic but only the time will tell whether 2018 recreation proves a hit or not. Robin Hood is all set to release in cinemas in November.

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