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Taylor Swift Is Once Again Facing Offensive And Abusive Stalkers

Our very own shake it off singer Taylor Swift is not able to shake off the offensive and abusive fans or stalkers, which are continuously threatening her. She has got another restraining order from the court against the stalker, who was writing her threatening letters, which stated that he wanted to end her life, rape her, and no one can stop him?

Taylor Swift’s Stalker And His Threatening Notes

According to the superstar, her stalker is, 26-year-old Eric Swarbrick who has been threatening her through several letters from two years. He writes her the threatening notes in very blunt and abusive way.

In the recent letter, he wrote that:

“I want to rape Taylor Swift. This is why I hate Taylor herself … This is how I know I am Taylor’s soulmate.”

stalker without any hesitation also wrote her about his plan of killing her

“I will not hesitate to kill her … and there’s nothing you, your lawyers, or the law will be about to do about it. Remember who I am.”

Court has ordered Swarbrick to stay away from Taylor Swift and if he got noticed anywhere around her then he will be punished for that.

Previous Experience

Recently in April 2018 another stalker Julius Sandrock was arrested outside the Taylor Swift’s estate.

The stalker was carrying a live weapon, rope, and knife. His getup was very suspicious as he was wearing a mask and rubber gloves also. This incident made Taylor very much depressed and anxious towards her safety. Though she was not present at home at that time.

That stalker was ordered to maintain the distance of 500 yards from Taylor Swift. Though according to the hearing in June he was ordered to stay 100 yards away from the lady.

This is not enough Taylor Swift has faced another stalking experience earlier in 2018. When another obsessed fan Justin Christoph, got dressed as her way trying to break into T’s house. 23-year-old was sentenced to jail with a probation summary of one year if he accepts to stay away from Taylor Swift’s house.

Before these incidents, once Taylor has chosen to slant her social media page on Instagram due to some reasons. Whereas, she also fought an assault case in 2013 where a Dj tried to grab her from the bottom during a concert.

Where Could This Possibly Go?

Now the question here is that what could be the possible reason for all the threatening messages and the stalkers. Maybe there is one single person who is behind all this of one act is encouraging the next stalker. Perhaps this is the reason why most of the celebrities don’t interact with their fans because they have the same security issue. Might be there is some personal reason which is making Taylor Swift’s riskier. Well, Swifty should pay more attention towards finding the background of all mess.  Because this is possible that someone who still keeps Bad Blood for Taylor wants to become her Wildest Dream.

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