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Taylor Swift Wins the Assault Case

The famous pop star Taylor Swift finally wins her legal battle against the ex-radio DJ David Mueller. It is a sexual assault case going back to 2013 when in a concert a radio DJ. David Mueller grabbed Taylor Swift’s bottom.

David Mueller Got Himself into Trouble Against Taylor Swift

Mueller initially brought her to court saying that her claims of sexual assault had cost him his job. However, the judge has thrown out his empty rhetoric out of the window. The jury also disapproved of the charges Mueller leveled against Taylor Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, and Frank Bell, her radio liaison.

The court has given her the $1 amount she originally claimed.

In her statement, she has stated that it is difficult for her to defend herself being such a well-known celebrity.

After winning the case, Taylor Swift said that she hopes the verdict will become a voice for the weak. Furthermore, she has vowed to contribute more donations to charities supporting victims of sexual assault.

The Job Loss by Mueller

The ex-radio DJ had accused Adrea Swift and Frank Bell of interfering with his job contract. He was apparently drawing an annual salary of $150,000. The jury also established that the singer’s mother and director for radio promotions did not interfere with his job contract.

Similarly, a judge has ruled Swift dismissed as a defendant arguing that no evidence against her suggests she acted inappropriately.

The lawsuit by Taylor Swift claimed that this trial would set an example for other women afraid to openly talk about such inappropriate behaviors.

The attorney of Taylor Swift stated that this verdict is more than just a win, as it makes a massive difference. Furthermore, he believes that when celebrities like Taylor Swift stand up, it gives strength to this cause. Also, talking about the amount of $1, he said that it is symbolic yet immeasurable.

Verdict by Mueller

In his testimony, Mueller had stated that he did not touch Swift inappropriately. He had just reached the pop star’s arm and ribs while jostling her. Taylor Swift replied confidently saying he did not touch her arm or ribs. Instead, he held her bottom. Mueller had originally filed a lawsuit claiming damages of $257,500.

The Evidence Presented to the Jury

Fortunately, for Taylor Swift, she had a photograph of the whole act. As soon as she had a picture with David Mueller and his girlfriend, he grabbed her back. She immediately went to the photographer to ask for the photo.

Later, she contacted Mueller’s employer to tell her the whole situation, and he got fired. Despite what David Mueller had to say, the picture was shouting out loud that he was lying. The angle of his hand was so low that it was not possible for him holding her arm and ribs. Thus, it was like getting caught in the act and also getting photographed.  

A Bit about David Meuller

Taylor Swift Finally Tastes Victory in Her $1 CaseDavid Meuller is a professional radio DJ. He has worked in the industry for 20 years. He has previously worked in San Diego, Columbus, and Minneapolis. He has also co-hosted the Ryno and Jackson show by KYGO. This assault has changed his career and life, whether guilty or not. He brought onto himself further misery by taking a case against Taylor Swift despite the evidence.

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