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Taylor Swift Wipes Off Social Media Posts

Taylor Swift clean slates all her content on social media. Swift a worldwide celebrity just chose to wipe off everything from her Twitter and Instagram. She also did the same thing to her website. The fans only came to know about the whole thing this Friday. She has no profile picture on her social media account.

Taylor Swift’s Motive Behind This Social Media Saga?

It is hard to say what is Taylor Swift thinking right now. Some of the music industry experts believe that probably she is going to launch her next album soon. Since the last album by the music maestro got released in 2014.

Rumors are suggesting that her account may have been compromised. There are no clear answers available so far. Some of the older posts are still appearing posted before 2015. Taylor Swift had just won a victory in a sexual assault case.

Taylor Swift Wipes Off Social Media PostsIf she is planning to release a new album, it would be sixth in a row. She has so far released five albums with the titles 1989, Speak, Red, Now, and Fearless. The artist has released some individual tracks too.

Ed Sheeran on Taylor Swift

Ed Sheeran is one of the close friends of the artist. While talking to a media outlet, he ruled out the possibility that the artist would be releasing any new music album. Taylor Swift has got two very successful albums released in the past. The album Red got two times platinum in Britain. The album 1989 got three times platinum. For an album to reach platinum status in the UK, it has to have 300,000 copies sold.

Theories Behind Her Social Media Stunt

The first theory says that the artist is trying to gain more attention from the fans. So, whatever she did is just a publicity stunt. She wants to grab the attention of her fans at the time of the release of a new album. Therefore, when and if she releases an album, it will make her an instant hit.

The second theory seems to be less plausible. According to this theory, hackers somehow got hold of the accounts. Well, it is not easy to hack a celebrity and then simultaneously doing it for all the accounts. Even if the hackers did manage to sneak in, there would have been some effort to restore the content. It remains to be seen if Taylor Swift herself decided to ditch the social media for her next big thing or is it some hacker messing things up for her.

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