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Taylor Swift’s Covid 19 Donations Go Beyond Traditional Charity

10 times Grammy award winner Taylor Swift is already notorious for her big heart and goodwill. Given such reasons for being famous no wonders why Taylor Swift’s Covid 19 donations are making headlines. Amidst coronavirus pandemic, the pop icon reached out to some struggling and jobless fans in need by offering them monetary help.

Many celebrities are joining hands for supporting the fight against coronavirus. They are using their business and talents for making a positive impact on a society struggling with the pandemic.

Taylor Swift ‘s Covid 19 Donations In Form of Surprise Birthday Gifts

Taylor Swift famous for her record-breaking spree is doing her own part of appreciating frontline workers by finding new ways for making a donation. Recently she sent a surprise gift to a frontline working nurse in Utah on her birthday.

The nurse Whitney Hilton who safely returned from New York the worst-hit state by a coronavirus in America was surprised by a merchandized gift from the singer’s Love album and a handwritten note by her.

Frontline Worker Fans of Taylor Swift Getting Recognized by the Singer

30-years-old nurse wrote a blog-post about her experience and level of stress a frontline worker was facing  while treating coronavirus patients. She travelled 2200 miles to treat patients in Northwell Health’s Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York the nation’s epicenter of coronavirus. She titled the blog-post Nurses are burnt out.

Nurse in her post stated that New York had been the worst hit by coronavirus and people, doctor’s nurses needed help during the crisis. She also added that the overall experience was hard and rewarding.

Well, there seems a reason why Whitney Hilton, a nurse from Ogden, Utah received Taylor Swift’s Covid 19 donations personally. The nurse seems to be an avid Swift fan as her Twitter bio says nurse by night Swiftie always. She had just returned home to celebrate her 30th birthday. Taylor Swift surprised her by sending a Lover merchandise bundle and a handwritten note thanking her for her work on the front lines. Hilton took to Twitter and appreciated the kind gesture by the singer that might be just a way to recognize and appreciate Swift’s own fans.

Fangirl didn’t remain limited to one tweet only. She shared more of her enthusiasm.

Subsequently praises were pouring in.

Helping More Fans

It seems that Whitney is not only one fan who is receiving Taylor Swift’s Covid 19 donation. The singer, is trying to boost the morale of people affected by the coronavirus. She has reportedly made several donations of 3000$ to random fans struggling during coronavirus. She sent money another fan after reading a post on social media website tumblr.  

Another fan took to social media and thanked singer Taylor swift for support during coronavirus crisis

Pop star has been sending fans individual payments online to help with financial burdens caused by coronavirus.

Taylor Swift’s Covid 19 donations have also gone to Nashville record store Grimey’s

The employees of Nashville retailer Grimey’s New & Preloved Music store were shocked when a famous star stepped out to help them when they were sent back to home due to coronavirus lockdown. Singer supported and made donation for the employees of the store with three months’ worth of health care.

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