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Teen Sued Apple for 1 Billion Dollar in Damages for False Arrest

A teenager in New York has sued Apple for I billion Dollar in damages after he got wrongly arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Apple installed a new facial recognition system that it used to identify the potential thief.

Here began another reason for people’s distrust on Apple’s system as if controversial slow-down of its iPhone was not enough.

Reason behind Why Teen Sued Apple

Just recently Apple installed facial recognition systems in its store without customer knowledge to protect itself against potential thieves. A Thief in New York managed to pass himself as 18-year-old Ousmane Bah after somehow managing to get his documented information.

The thief whose identity for now has not been released and is in police custody awaiting his hearing. After managing to pass himself as Ousmane Bah, the thief stole $1,200 worth of merchandise from the Apple store before getting caught according to papers filed in Manhattan federal court.

Apple has been making headline across the globe for some reason. Just recently Fake Apple phone scam cost the company thousands of dollars in damages and now this.

Police Arresting the Wrong Guy

The ID confiscated by the police had no photo but all other information like full name, age and address listed. Apple programmed its security system to recognize the thief as Bah. Bah didn’t even realize that such a thing had happened until he got a letter from the court.

The store thief managed to steal from including the Apple store in New Jersey, Delaware and Manhattan. Thief got arrested on the 29 of November but was released shortly after when a detective on the case after watching the surveillance footage concluded the suspect and Bah were not the same.

All criminal charges against Bah have been dropped except the one in New Jersey where the case is still pending. Bah sued Apple for 1 billion dollars in damages and awaits further proceedings.

Does This Mean Technology Is Not Reliable to Catch the Criminals?

According to technology experts technology is reliable meaning that, it can be used to narrow down a person’s choice to the best possible one. There’s always room for error as technology will always have limitation in some form but it doesn’t mean that we should stop inventing all we can do is adjust the operating system and the factors within our control to get the best of it.

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