Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Teenage Boys’ Involvement in Kitten Rape Case Raises Serious Concerns

A 15-year-old boy from Lahore, along with his six friends gang-raped a little kitten repeatedly for the whole week. Reportedly, the cat was adopted by the family of the culprit where he abused it on a daily basis until It died after suffering from crushed internal organs. Animal rights activists have been embarked after this brutal kitten rape case and vowed to take action against the perpetrators. Upon investigation, one culprit’s mother defended her son.

It’s not surprising that a police action has not been taken against the gang of 7 rapists. Not even any powerful personality raised this issue on social media. Those who were not selective empaths like most twitter users; tried to push this tragic story of a poor kitten in a hope to find justice.

Kitten Died After Suffering Extreme Torture

The body of the victim was completely damaged and filled with blood and semen. JFK animal rescue and shelter have vowed to find justice. They have announced that they have filed complaints against all culprits and will continue pursuing this case until success.

The rapists used shopping bags for the act which were left inside the poor cat. The damages were so severe that it was unable to move. The vet confirmed rape as the cause of death but did not mention it in the records, which is sad. The rescuer announced to fight till the very end and it would be her 4th court case related to animal cruelty, brutality and rape in Pakistan.

What Should be Punishment for Teenage Boys

People who take care of animal rights tried to engage others in pressurizing government officials and media agencies to take action against those who committed this crime.

This incident has shattered everyone’s heart to the point where all hope seems to have lost. A nation that is already struggling with human rights doesn’t seem capable enough of dealing with such a huge dent on animal rights. Now baby kittens are also in the list of victims of rape in Pakistan that already included, women, children, men, dogs, donkeys, sheep, and any vulnerable species

So, the hope can easily fade away if no one delivers proper punishment for a crime like this 

Every criminal must be ensured it is their last crime before doing it. Right now, it seems that such filthy criminals get more support from the law than the victim. The kitten rape case has raised serious concerns in many ways.

The Problem of Teenage Rapists

A significant population of Pakistan’s internet users are attracted towards porn watching as various reports claim.This inclination may be one of the reason for them to develop some false beliefs about the intercourse.

Further, there is no tradition of parents educating their kids on such matters since this is considered taboo subject. Many families in Pakistan still prohibit certain discussions at home that can increase sexual knowledge. Similarly, most schools in Pakistan skip sex education which leads students to other sources which can be unreliable. As a result they grow up with huge misconceptions about sexual activity.

If Pakistani law is unable to punish or take action against the 7 boys who are involved in the Kitten rape case then it would mean the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan is totally fine with ill-treatment of animals.
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