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Teenage US Girl Gets Hit by Fellow Students for being Muslim

Muslims in the United States continue to suffer from prevalent Islamophobia. Recently, a social media post allegedly showed teenage girls beating their schoolfellow.

In a viral Facebook video shared by the US citizen Shakeel Munshi, school girls are beating his 14 years old daughter Manaal Munshi.

Here is what happened to the Muslim US Girl

A Facebook user who posted the video wrote that her daughter’s class fellows at West Boca High School, in Florida, were bullying her for being a Muslim. His daughter decided to talk the girls but got beaten up severely. She didn’t lift a hand in response. Later, her wife called out to Police and pressed charges against the accused.

Whether the incident shown in the video is real or not would only prove after the Police investigate it.

Social Media Reactions

Shakeel Munshi’s video instantly went viral on social media. Only on Facebook, 1.1M users viewed the post. In comment sections, users not only criticized the incident but also came up with their personal experiences.

A user Fouzia Rizvi commented that her son was also a victim of the bullying by his fellow students. She further wanted to report to the principal, who told that it would only worsen the matter.

In January 2017 a Trump supporter assaulted a Muslim woman at JFK by yelling will get rid of you all.

Hate Crime in the US

Whether the video of Muslim US girl being beaten by her fellow class fellows is real or not confirmed from independent resources. But the issue in the US is not something new. Prevalent Islamophobia in the west, particularly in the USA makes Muslims suffer discrimination and even violence.

According to a survey by FBI, year 2017 has witnessed an increase in the hate crimes in the US. Victims include various ethnic and religious groups, including Muslims, Jews, and LGBT community members. In the start of the years, the number of crimes by religious and racial bias was 3,310, which rose to 3,489 in November 2017. The survey further suggested that 55% increase in hate crime was due to increased ant-Semitism that targeted the Jews. Also, there was 25% increase in targeting of the Muslims by religion.

No society in the world should ever encourage a crime merely by racial prejudice. But there must be a check and balance in schools to make sure that kids, like this US girl, don’t face any harmful physical and psychological stress. Otherwise, they might not be able to contribute to the development of a diverse and inclusive society positively.


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