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Pakistan to Teach Students through Teleschool Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

Teleschool is a TV channel dedicated by Pakistan Television (PTV) on directions of government of Pakistan for providing education to students while they are at homes due to coronavirus lockdown.  

The channel that went on air on April 14 will broadcast educational programs from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM for kindergarten of XII grade.

Telechannel is not a complete alternative to schools but it will aim at mitigating the loss educational loss of students due to school closure.

How Teleschool will Broadcast Educational Porgramms

PTV will provide an airtime of 8 hours for Teleschool to deliver educational programs. It will be broadcast on all major platforms including satellite, cable, and radio as well.

The broadcast through all the media will help education reach even in remote areas where there are not satellite channels or interent. Currently the education programs will be aired only for 3 months but they will be expanded if the dire circumstances persist. The educational content for these programs will follow the curriculum as dictated by the Government of Pakistan and The Ministries of Education. Joint Secretary Education of Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) is responsible for content development.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is also involved in Teleschool to assist in the content according to the curriculum and requirements of students. The programs would be presented in two sessions. The morning session would be for juniors and sessions for senior classes will be held in the evening.

The Educational Programmes Will Reach The Farthest Corner Of The Country

Teleschool will reach all parts of the country, it will aso covers the remote areas where the internet is a myth. The students can continue receiving education through television as long as the outbreak stays.

Currently all the school going students are out of school which is damaging their studies badly. Going through primary and secondary education effectively is critical for a student’s future. 

The Students Can Stay Involved In Studies During Coronavirus Outbreak

It can be a remarkable milestone in the history of Pakistani Educational System if operated well, unlike the online classes conducted by other institutions.

While universities are continuing education through online classes it is not possible for school going kids since all of them don’t have access to internet due to various socio-economic constraints.

Telechannel can inspire revolutionary steps in the terms of education in Pakistan. This country is suffering at the rate of only 60% literacy rate with many areas that have no educational infrastructure at all; one of the major reasons Pakistan remaines underdeveloped for over 73 years.

How Can It Impact The Overall Education of Pakistan?

Due to the pandemic, the exact time of schools reopening again is uncertain. This initiative can prove useful and productive for students if they take interest. It is also mandatory for Teleschool administration to make the online content interesting. The interesting content with a blend of important literature and jolly methods can attract more students.

It can also be useful for adult citizens to update a few concepts. Besides meeting the requirements of students’ educational demands, it can improve the overall literacy rate in Pakistan if it is managed well. Education is gradually starting to get linked with technology so adults would also have access. Contents of Teleschool are made accessible through apps and websites of Taleem Ghar, a sister project of Teleschool.

All people of Pakistan including kids, teens, and adults are encouraged to use these platforms to keep gathering the only resource that will never deplete.

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