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Thanksgiving Day History Facts that You Must Know

Every tradition, custom, and festival has a background that defines its significance. Similarly, Thanksgiving Day history holds a horde of interesting facts that describe the importance of its traditions, meals, and celebrations. Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November every year. However, the trend did not start just like that, as there’s a firm history behind how the tradition took birth in the first place. 

One of the reasons behind the world’s recognition of America is its diverse range of cultural festivals and traditional celebrations. According to or certain viewpoints, the Americans enjoy almost every month due to the festivals’ association with those months. For instance, October gives them a chance to scare people with spooky Halloween House decorating ideas. Likewise, Thanksgiving Day lets family members unite with each other and enjoy quality time along with delicious meal with their family and close acquaintances. 

Thanksgiving Day History Started with European Colonists In North America

In the era of social media empowered globalization, most of the people from the world know about Thanksgiving day, yet many are not aware of its history. The holiday is a reason for celebration in Canada and America. Both Americans and Canadians rejoice in this important holiday by preparing meals including the Turkey, casserole, cranberry sauce, vegetables, pie, and some other eatables as well. They meet with peers and families as well as spend the day while relaxing and bonding with their loved ones. There might be a misconception that thanksgiving day history might have roots in religion but this is not the case. The event has more to do with European colonists and Native Americans combined festivity that dates back to the earlier 17th century.

Nevertheless, the question here is whether the holiday has always been celebrated like this or is there more to what people know about it? 

The answer is rather simple since the origin of the Thanksgiving celebration goes way back to the 1600s. In 1621, the pilgrims (colonists from England) organized a feast for the locals of America in order to celebrate the success of their first harvest. The gathering and feast went on for three days since it included other aspects of entertainment besides the meal. The pilgrims and locals shared three days of delicious eating, hunting, and several other activities. Nevertheless, the pilgrims initiated the trend but did not set the tradition since they halted the gatherings and feastings for many years.

What became an inspiration for the Thanksgiving celebration? 

Well, everyone must be familiar with the nursery rhyme Mary Had A Little Lamb. The American nursery rhyme’ writer named Sarah Josepha Hale was the actual reason behind the regulation of the Thanksgiving tradition. To comprehend Sarah’s efforts, one should know about her inspiration that led her towards aspiration for making the holiday a national thing. 

On November 26, 1789, President George Washington’s very first National Thanksgiving Holiday, although, it did not become the popular holiday as it is now until the 19th century. A diary of pilgrim life inspired Sarah Hale as she came to know about the first meal in 1621. She indulged herself in campaigns for three years to make this holiday a permanent part of people’s life. She also presented recipes for different dishes including Turkey, Cranberry sauce, Mashed Potatoes, pumpkin pie, and a few more. She became the reason behind the recognition of Thanksgiving among the public. 

The final Thursday of November became the permanent day of celebration

Thanksgiving Day history sheds light on the significance of the year 1863. It was during the civil war when President Abraham Lincoln announced that last Thursday of every November will be the day of enjoyment and celebrations.

On the other hand, the 32nd Franklin D. Roosevelt made American locals upset by moving the holiday a week further than its actual day to increase holiday profits. The conflict turned into criticism against him as people started to demand the restoration of Thanksgiving. Even so, the authorities amended the damage by restoring the holiday. 

Subsequently, George H.W Bush started a new trend which is remembered as the first official pardon to a turkey. The tradition was to save turkeys until the final day. i.e. Thanksgiving Day. 

Every president till today follows the tradition for the public to enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest. 

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