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This Photographer from Sindh is Beautifully Presenting Thar’s Culture

Meet Emanuel Guddu, a budding photorgrapher from Sindh Pakistan who is presenting the beautiful culture of Thar desert through his art. A look at Twitter timeline of Guddu shows that this guy is doing fantastic job of portraying the life in desolate but equally vibrant desert.

Guddu’s work simply reflects the people, culture, festivals, lifestyle, historic places and problems that community living in one of the largest deserts of the world, is facing.

He tells how the people are able to become happy and satisfied despite a lack of commodities.

Thar Desert from the Camera of Emmanuel Guddu

He portrays the women who have to go through an ascetic process for fetching water. They have to draw water with the help of donkeys, put those pots on their head and travel a long distance by walking on hot sand with bare feet to reach their destination.

Sharing the Work of Artists

Through his work Guddu is also spreading word about artists who are engaged in keeping the traditions and culture of this beautiful land alive for decades.

About Their Sources of Income

Thar desert usually faces drought like conditions throughout the year for receiving little to no rainfall. Its inhabitants make their way to rural and urban Sindh to earn livelihood. Mostly, work on land as peasants and contribute to the economy of the country. Emmanuel has also captured Thari people working in rice and onion fields of rural Sindh.

This Cute Girl with An Elegant Necklace

It is heart warming to see how poverty has not deprived these kids of such a beautiful smile.

Sindh a State of Diverse Cultural and Ethnic Groups

Sindh is a diverse province of Pakistan, a fact evident in its cultural festivals like Lahooti Melo. It is home to various religious and ethnic communities which are keeping it vibrant and alive through their unique lifestyle. Guddu through his photography tells the world about beautiful Thari women who love making tatoos on their faces and arms.

This person shows Thar women’s obsession with bangles and drawing decorative patterns on arms and hands.

Guddu’s work also highlights various issues that people are facing in course of maintaining their lifestyle. He tells how Thari people’s  love for tatoos ends them up getting the services of tatoo makers who use unhygienic tools like overused syringes.

Historic Places of Thar Desert

An indpeth analysis of this guy’s  pictures shows that he has tried to bring in limelight every single element of Thar’s culture, whether it is people, places, lifestyle means of earning livelihood or festivals.

Here is the picture of a woman busy in making handicrafts so that she can sell them to make some money.

This look of the medieval era mosque.

Traditional way of churning up milk careem to get butter and lassi.

And much more…

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