Why Locust Biryani Is Becoming Popular in Thar Pakistan

Locust Biryani

The residents of Tharparkar in Sindh Pakistan have come up with a genius way to tackle the problem of locusts. Instead of using pesticides or other traditional ways of getting rid of these insects they have turned them into food. Consequently, the Sindh has now locust biryani as a new culinary delight and it is making people forget Sindhi Biryani.

Restaurants in the area are not using locust for biryani but also for making curry dishes out of it.

Why Go to Thailand When Thar Is Selling Locust Biryani

Given the rapid pace of climate change, the world is seeking environment-friendly and more sustainable alternates of meat. Insects being rich in nutrition and taste are already gaining popularity as a superfood and replacing the meat dishes. Southeast Asian countries particularly Thailand and China are already famous for insect food. With the popularity of locust biryani in Thar, the trend may reach other parts of Pakistan as well.

Pakistani Reacting to Locust Biryani

It is impossible for (most of) the Pakistanis to not consider the religious factors for anything. They even wondered if Bitcoin was Halal or Haram.

Well, people are divided on eating locusts but religion is not the only factor here. Few think that these insects are halal but still, they are not going to eat them and then there are those who are ready to develop a taste for this new food in town irrespective of its being halal or haram.

Folks were not willing to accept it as an alternate of chicken biryani and it makes sense. Pakistani is a country where citizens are yet to settle for a Biryani with potatoes and one with no potatoes and now locusts are also in for infuriating the debate.

Even if it is Halal and tastes good people are going to take time to include it as a normal dish.

Maybe This Is Where We Are Heading To

Thar the beautiful but unfortunate region of Sindh Pakistan remains in news for several reasons. The glorious culture of Thar and its amazing people are unique in the world. They have mainly come up with the idea of locust biryani to get rid of the locusts which may harm the crops otherwise if continued to thrive. But people are of opinion that eating insects will become inevitable in the future because of a possible food crisis due to climate change.

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