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The Flash Actor Again Finds Himself Behind Bars in Hawaii

Ezra Miller, who plays the role of The Flash/Barry Allen in DC Extended Universe (DCEU), has gotten himself into trouble once again. According to reports, The Flash actor was arrested for second-degree assault in Pahoa, Hawaii. They (actor prefers they/them as appropriate pronouns) allegedly threw a chair that hit a woman. 

The Flash Actor Under Investigation

As per the reports, the police responded to a call regarding an assault, that took place during a private house party sometime around 1:00 AM. Police investigated and found Miller as the prime suspect, who became furious when asked to leave the party. While leaving, they reportedly threw a chair, hurting a 26-year-old woman. The victim received a “half-inch cut” on her forehead but declined medical attention.

Then the police found The Flash actor at a traffic signal on the road around 1:30 AM. According to reports, they stayed in lockup for almost 2 and a half hours. The police released them from custody at nearly 4:00 AM after consulting with the prosecutors. However, the investigation is still going on.

Recent Run-Ins With The Law

This latest arrest adds to the series of misadventures The Flash actor has faced in Hawaii in one month. According to reports, at least 10 phone calls to the police in Hawaii accused Miller of something terrible. These accusations were relatively minor such as Miller arguing with others, filming them at gas stations, and refusing to leave a restaurant’s sidewalk.

Most notably on March 28, Miller was involved in an incident at a karaoke bar that got them arrested. They reportedly became agitated by a couple singing a song called “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. They were verbally abusive throughout and then snatched the microphone from the singing woman and later lunged at another man playing darts.

That is not all. As soon as getting out on bail, they got into trouble again. They were reportedly staying with a Hawaiian couple, who made more allegations against them. It was the same couple that posted thier bail but later filed a restraining order against them. They alleged that Miller stormed into thier bedroom and threatened them saying “I will burn you and your slut wife”. Moreover, the couple also alleged that the actor stole some of thier property including wallet, passport, social security card, bank card, and driver license.

Is It Affecting His Career?

The series of incidents happend within one month time but The Flash actor has been in similar situation many times in the past. His recent arrest prompted Warner Brothers and DC to call an emergency meeting. The studios talked about deciding the future of working with Ezra Miller. By the time they finalize something, they decided to “pause” working with Miller on future projects that include appearances in various DCEU movies.

The Flash is not included because its filming is complete and it is reportedly set to release on 23rd June 2023. According to some reports, the making and production of The Flash was also rife with drama. There are several complaints of Miller having “frequent meltdowns” on the set of The Flash.

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