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These The Lion King Memes Reveal What People Think of the Movie

The photorealistic remake of Disney’s original and animated The Lion King is the talk of the town. The film which is making 90s Kids nostalgic is also facing criticism for not being more better than its original version. Taking a look at some viral The Lion King Memes on social media reveals that no one is wholly liking or disliking this film.

In fact the reaction is mixed; there are those who are in love with the depiction of natural scenes, but at the same time they have issues with Beyonce voicing for Nala. Then there are those who are still drooling over the cuteness of Simba but also seeing the storyline with a more critical and mature approach.

Some Epic The Lion King Memes

The reason that people are trying this at home proves that Mufasa lifting the young Simba is one of the most liked scenes of this film.

And it seems everyone is doing this with their cats and dogs.

Some quotes were also being shared.

Timon and Pumba have turned out to be favorite characters.

Beyonce’s Voice-Over As Nala Didn’t Go Well

They were just seeing a Beyonce in her.

The character of Nala indeed won the hearts.

The Death of Mufasa

It didn’t matter whether they watched the movie in the 90s or in 2019 the emotional meltdown was the same when Mufasa died.

But crying on Mufasa’s death might not be as easy now.

Why They Didn’t Like Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King 2019

What fans didn’t like about this 2019 version was a lack of realism about the looks of Mufasa and Simba. In the photorealistic version, they appeared more like cats and not the lions. Many The Lion King memes raise this point.

Generally, these were the locations that made The Lion King 2019 version stand out than the previous one. The breathtaking scenes were created using Virtual reality but they were inspired by real-life places located in African countries.

Despite some negative reviews, the film is doing great at the box office reportedly. The Lion king’s Hindi version that features the voice-over of Shah Rukh Khan and his son Aryan Khan as Mufasa and Simba respectively is also doing well on Indian box office.

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