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The Suicide Squad Does Justice with the Title this Time

Most of the world has just finished watching The Suicide Squad while others have been sheltering themselves from the spoilers going around on social media. The reason is that most of those who have watched are unable to hold their excitement for much longer. The latest version by director James Gunn has left a huge impact on the fans of this franchise. Most of them are already considering the new one better than its predecessor. Despite the improved character development and depth, the film has taken the viewers back into the world of comics. That is where the “super” world was really fun and entertaining. However, those fan-favorite elements were missing from most of the films inspired by comics.

Gunn has not only brought those elements back but also justified why there was a “suicide” in the name of the protagonist group. Fans remembered that in the 2016 version of the movie, Will Smith’s character has complained that their group was “some kind of suicide squad”. However, it was revealed that all the main characters survived in the end and there would be a different case in the new version.

What The Suicide Squad is About?

There is a lot of stuff happening in the suicide squad, from typical daddy issues to strong social commentary, the film contained something for everyone. Viewers have mostly praised it for the dark and gritty humor but also has a massive heart. Where it made them laugh in the theaters, it also made them highly emotional. Over the course of runtime, a viewer may fall in love with the character without knowing its ultimate fate. That is the kind of thrill viewers expect from a movie on this theme.

DC Studios have formally allowed the director to kill off any of the main characters. Therefore, some fan-favorite characters might not make it to the curtain roll. Nonetheless, the film starts with the same comic origin where Amanda Waller puts together an expendable squad of dangerous criminals to perform black ops for the US government. However, in this movie Waller sent them on a suicidal mission to secure a giant alien starfish with destructive powers.

Resemblance with the Comics

The blend of humor and hyper-violence has never worked quite wonderfully out of comics. It looks like that it’s directly ripped from the comics which is why it felt different and much more amusing than other super-hero installments. The previous film received a rating of PG-13 despite its action sequences but this one has directly achieved an R-rating. It builds upon the history of the US invasion of other countries and its questionable military activities, which keeps it grounded to reality amid the supernatural elements.

The viewers may have expected to see senseless action but they have truly been mesmerized by the bizarre bond between the characters. Who could have thought that a small rodent would win the public’s heart or a scary talking shark would become so lovable? The suicide squad received a 7.9 ratings IMDB where the last one was rated 5.9. Those who missed the theatrical release can catch it on HBO MAX today on 6th August 2021.

Seems like it is going to give tough competition to The Green Knight at the box office.

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