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Theresa May Manifesto Comes Under Fire

Theresa May manifesto comes under extreme criticism from the opposition parties. Each party has its vision of that picture perfect future for Great Britain. Let us delve into where opposition parties disagree with Theresa May Manifesto.

Jeremy Corbyn on Theresa May Manifesto

In a debate on TV, Jeremy Corbyn openly criticized Theresa May manifesto. He talked about the underfunding of the schools by the Conservative party. Corbyn told about overcrowding of patients at the hospitals. He also pointed towards an increase in debt on the students with a brewing housing crises. Corbyn seemed unhappy about Conservative Party further reducing corporate taxes on the businesses.

He reiterated his own party’s manifesto of removing university tuition fees. Jeremy Corbyn also stated his party would restore maintenance grant to give equal opportunity to all students. He also added that his party would increase the taxes on top 5% wealthy to fund the students.

Jeremy Corbyn believes it is vital to raise the corporate taxes by 26 percent. The increase in corporate taxes will overcome the crises in various sectors of the economy as the current government has failed to do it.

Jeremy Corbyn questioned the Home Secretary if she had ever been to a food bank. Or did she ever see people sleeping at the stations? He blamed the Conservative party’s decision responsible for increasing poverty in Britain.

In minimum wage, he said that if elected he would introduce a new minimum wage of £10 per hour by the year 2020. Besides, he committed to protecting manufacturing industry & jobs.

Criticism on Theresa May’s Absence

The Green Party leader Caroline Lucas criticized Theresa May for not showing up. She added that if Theresa May terms it an important election, she should have been present at the debate. Similarly, leaders of other parties too including Leanne Wood and Angus Robertson also attacked Theresa May for her absence.

Paul Nuttall on Economy

Paul Nuttall primarily focused on the economic woes of the UK. He was of the view that the government needs to put more money into people’s pocket. He stated that he would reduce corporate taxes. Furthermore, the argument behind this step is to encourage more of the businesses to invest in the UK. However, increase in the corporate taxes will result in companies leaving the UK. Hence, fewer firms in the UK would mean an increase in joblessness.

His party as per him will scrap the green levy tax to put more money into people’s pocket. He estimates the amount to be around £ 170 into the pocket of every individual. His party if elected will raise the personal allowance to £30,500. As per Paul Nuttall, people are smart spenders of money, not the government.

George Osborne Newspaper on Theresa May

Similarly, George Osborne’s London Evening Standard newspaper has criticized the British Prime Minister Theresa May. The paper mocks the recent collapse in her poll ratings. The paper states that Theresa May manifesto is the most disastrous in the UK’s history.

Theresa May Responds to Critics

Theresa May did not take part in the debate. Instead, she chose to interact with the public and answer their questions. When asked why did she not take part in the debate, Theresa May said that she has taken on Jeremy Corbyn in Prime Minister’s Questions. On public scrutiny, she stated that it is essential for accountability. However, she thinks that for scrutiny she needs to take questions from people.

Who Represented Theresa May Instead?

Home Secretary Amber Rudd was present on this occasion. She represented the PM Theresa May. She defended her government’s various decisions. Hence, some of the leaders present at the debate did question Theresa May’s absence from the Debate.

Ms. Rudd came out strong on welfare cuts. She said that her party had made a clear decision to protect the poor in the society. Rudd further added that her rivals claims were fanciful. She said that her party did reduce taxes on the poor. Ms. Rudd also vowed her party’s commitment to keeping investing in the NHS.

She argued that her government knows the importance of different government institutes. To support these public institutions, she advocated the need for a stronger economy. However, to have a more robust economy, the party had to make difficult choices. As per her, no other party is willing to make those tough decisions necessary for a strong economy.

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